1. Shirley Jessome

    Well written.
    Why churches hide and cover up this sexual perversion is beyond me. I have a few reasons though, money, it,s a job, fame, power. WHAT a disgrace to our ALMIGHTY GOD. HE will not be mocked. Let GOD be true and every man a liar. I believe GOD is bringing these sinners out into the light.

  2. Helen

    Father God, have mercy on us all, for we have all sinned and fallen short of Your glory. Let us pray for one another that we wouldn’t fall into sin, for we all have a weakness and Satan knows what it is, and usually it is sexual for a man. I pray for each person that sees this prayer, especially if they are betrothed to our Lord Jesus, that we would not fail Him, for He gave His all to pay for our Salvation. Father, let us look to Jesus when we are being attacked by the enemy, and speak your Holy Word to our enemy, and seek Your face for guidance. Let us all walk in Your Love. We thank you Father that You said that You would never leave us or forsake us, let us always remember this promise. In Jesus mighty name we ask this, Amen To You Father, be all the honor and glory.

  3. Mae

    There was a time when truth mattered even to the United States Justice System. Prior to the ‘Me Too’ movement the laws of most states required either physical evidence or a confession to convict someone of sexual misconduct. Now accusation equals guilt in cases that reflect our new normal. If there is any truth to any of these claims why in the world would none of his accusers have come forward prior to his death? Do you realize that as horrific as sexual abuse is it is also horrific to have your reputation and family destroyed by false accusations which are rampant these days. You will be held accountable on Judgment Day for any part you played in the perpetuation of the bearing false witness against your neighbor even if you thought you were being helpful. I urge you to pray about your lack of discernment.

  4. PFS

    This is so sad for so many people. My question is “who was keeping Ravi Z accountable all those many years? Shouldn’t there have been some telltale signs that cropped up showing something was wrong.” Having massage parlors should have been a red flag in and of itself, to those who were part of his ministry and others close to him. Unfortunately many people are wowed by a highly intellectual man/woman who uses high lofty words to keep people at bay and intimidated. Many revere man and not God. Being intellectual doesn’t equate to being a spiritual person. If we read the gospel of John, which an eight grader can read and understand, is so profound describing the greatness of our Lord. John wrote to bring glory to our Lord and not himself. We should be in awe of Him and Him alone. Why? “For ALL have sinned and FALL SHORT of THE GLORY OF GOD.” “And WE BEHELD HIS GLORY…” (Romans 3:23 & John 1:14b)

    In Awe of Him


  5. Frances

    That’s a great question.
    How much false doctrine can we believe and still be saved.
    Once saved always saved?
    Pre-tribulation rapture?
    Reinstinstitution of *ion on earth?
    1000 yr reign here
    heavenly kingdom or earthly?
    Need I go on?

    Only the Lord can show us that, through a thorough study of His WORD

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    I never was totally comfortable listening to Ravi; he used a lot of big, impressive words but in the end he was living a lie. So sorry for his wife and family. Massage parlors have a bad reputation in my world. Why did he own two health resorts? So strange, many questions.

  7. charley

    heb 12-14 follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the lord. heb 12-14
    marriage is honorable marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled whoremongers and adulterers GOD WILL JUDGE. ipray for the family this is why people need to stop exalting a man who shyed away fro preaching against rome and many cults not to offend , and to life up fraud cs lewis and malcolm mug ridge all part of religious lies that do not save the sinner.

  8. Ravi didn’t repent. There was actually another federal case where Ravi hinted at suicide if his accuser told her husband about what happened. He also lied about being a doctor (it was honorary not earned), lied about where he lectured, and TWICE told Mormons that they were Christians. He was a heretic with a pleasant demeanor and scholarly style all while his ministry earned up to $16 million a year. WHY do we worship men when we have Bibles, the actual words of God??? I

  9. M

    What IS your point?

    Sufficient for what, exactly?

    Is heinous sin, heinous sin? Should it not be exposed? Should it not be dealt with?

    Can it be forgiven? Absolutely. Nevertheless, it still has serious and often dreadful consequences, especially for the victims, but also for the victimizer.

  10. jamie

    Don’t scold, I wasn’t being facetious. It was a honest question. Point or no point, the elephant in this room is habitual sin, when is the line crossed with our Father…is there a line? I can’t believe I am the only one who, after the initial yikes , then also wondered these things. I have often pondered these things, and, how much false doctrine can one believe and still be saved. I just want to get it right the first time, don’t think there is a mulligan clause here.

  11. John J

    You are right, Lighthouse. “Private sins” that have open consequences for the victims. Not funny, not Christian, like it or not.
    Jesus’ blood is not a license to thrill.

  12. Adrian

    If we confess our sins, he is just and able to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
    Unfortunately Ravi did not confess them but hid them so it looks like he died an unrepentant man.

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