1. nng

    I never heard the gospel from “hegetsus”, or the problem of sin. We have a problem, No gospel, No salvation. It is God’s word that converts the soul, not mans. Changing God’s word into something else leads to an entirely different Jesus. “Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.” Proverbs 30:6. I have another problem with the ad, they are secretive of who they are so you can’t check them out!

  2. Elene C.

    I am happy to see an article on He Gets Us; I wrote to LT a while back with concerns. Here is my email:

    There is a slick new ad campaign running on T.V. (I’m in Florida) named “He gets us,” and it is presenting as a reach-out program to the unloved and disenfranchised with God’s love. I contacted them on their chat room and asked what they believe the Bible/Jesus teaches on homosexuality and abortion (for instance). The response from “Landon” was their purpose is what is stated above (to share God’s love with everyone)….I responded and said in essence, yes God loves us, but He also wants to save us from a sinful lifestyle. Landon wrote back and stated if I wasn’t satisfied with his answer,s I could contact their info department. I think I know who they are already but ended with a rhetorical question for Landon: are you saved and if not to examine himself to see if he be in the faith.

    I’m just wondering if you have heard of this new campaign and if perhaps, I am wrong, and they are legit. It is called “hegetsus.com”

  3. Lisa Tyree

    That sounds good, & this society is getting better thru things such as this, but they’re cutting Jesus out. It seems like they’re saying they can be better off w/o Him.

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