1. GJ


    Dr. Karen Randall, who trained in pediatrics and emergency medicine, spent years as an ER doctor in Detroit, but Pueblo turned out to be a whole other level.

    “It’s like a horror movie,” she told The Epoch Times. Every shift in the ER brings in a patient with cannabinoid hyperemesis. In layman’s terms, that means someone is screaming and vomiting uncontrollably. The sound is wretched and apocalyptic. It’s caused by chronic cannabis use, usually high-potency products, and it stops when the person stops using cannabis.

    Then there’s the psychosis.

    “I was in Detroit for 18 years and the cannabis psychosis here is worse than anything I saw in Detroit,” Randall said. “They’re very violent. The combination of this high potency THC and meth just creates this incredibly violent person.”THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive ingredient in today’s marijuana products, is now being extracted to reach a potency of more than 80 percent. In the 1990s, the average potency of a joint was around 4 percent THC.

    Dr. Brad Roberts said he’s seeing more and more patients with psychosis who have no previous psychiatric history and are testing positive only for THC.

  2. JDV

    Watched some episodes of Dragnet from the late 1960s. The ones taking or selling the drugs said they’d eventually get things legalized over time. Robert Bork’s phrase “slouching towards Gomorrah” comes to mind.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am dismayed that the use of marijuana and the selling of this drug has become legalized in our small town in CA. Many voters say it is good for medicinal reasons. I am really tired of that excuse. A neighbor of mine says that she saw a friend of ours smoking and passed out on the grass after smoking weed. We live in a gated community for seniors.

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