1. CW

    I saw an amazing article in the newspaper today. The state of Oregon has ruled that the truth of the Holocaust MUST be taught in public school classrooms, including all forms of media. Apparently a Jewish group demanded this. Good for them!

    Now if only they would teach the truth about everything else.

  2. Bob

    Do you really think a principal should be removed from his position for his opinion an historical event? What if some one denied that Jesus existed? Should he be removed from his position? Just trying to clarify. Too much censorship goes on, either we have freedom of conscience and expression or we don’t.

  3. CW

    That (now former, thank the Lord) high school principal was not educated — he was indoctrinated. As is happening (and has been happening, for decades) in public “education” all across the land, from pre-kindergarten all the way up to the most elite universities.

    GOD help our young people!!! Only He can.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    The Holocaust is the most documented event in history; it is not an opinion. It is disgusting that many people in the world deny obvious facts in history. I am glad this principal was removed from his position.

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