1. Elizabeth Bennett

    Our children and teen-agers are not safe in our present western culture, with parents not heeding God’s Word and obeying His commandments. Satan is attacking our precious children and our culture does not protect them. Parents should not be sending their children to public schools; the only options are Christian schools or home-schooling. I do not be believe children and teen-agers should have a cell phone unless parents check it daily to survey its content. Check what they are doing on the computer and on-line. These are dangerous times for the unborn and the born.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    The left has become the party of death and our babies, unborn and born and children are the most vulnerable. Let us protect our children. Please do not vaccinate them. I refuse to be vaccinated. Dems and the left have a sinister agenda as they go for a One World Government.

  3. Woodrow Short

    Our progressive/communist party are targeting our children to control the family and our life thru the Covid19 protocol and vaccinations. To many people have died from the shots. We are not told what is in the vaccines. Why not. If they did people would refuse to get them.

  4. Jeffry

    The forced Maskings and vaccinations of our children by the CDC and DR. Fauci does not pass the Nuremberg Code. The Nuremberg Code followed the Nuremberg trails at the end of World War 2 for crimes against humanity by German Doctors who experimented on Prisoners for Germany. How sick it was. Most of those Doctors were hung to death while some committed suicide. Our children wearing masks are developing emotional and mental problems. Unproven experimental vaccines may cause all kinds of problems including Death of our children. We are also facing a “teen suicide Pandemic “ Over the past 20 years suicide rates of our teenagers have gone up 60%. Half of them say the need help for depression. Pray for our children. How said for them to live in a world of chaos. Preach the Gospel to them while we still can. Time is running out. Pray.

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