1. Matthew Grider

    We must not allow them to make victims of us. Resist their evil plan at every turn. They are no better than the nazis.

  2. cal

    Yes this is what we are confronted with in our generation. However in this world there hasn’t been peace. The things that are not seen are more real than what is seen because the things we see in this world are passing away.
    Everything decays , gets old and disappears like the zeitgeist, the wisdom of man . Presidents and rulers come and go , God’s will is done, thy Kingdom come!
    Do your work but don’t forget that everyone you meet will spend eternity somewhere.This is what’s important isn’t it?

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    If you are vaccinated the gov. can track and trace you and find out who is not vaccinated. The unvaccinated are now considered domestic terrorists and enemies of the people even if the vaccines do not work. The most vaccinated countries now have the highest incidences of Covid and its variants. Vaccine mandates are insane. Insanity is when you keep doing the same wrong thing over and over again. There is a sinister and ulterior motive in the virus and its vaccines,

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