1. T. I. Miller

    We typically think of brainwashing in political terms. Yet what is ear tickling if not brainwashing propaganda? Brainwashing or indoctrination is persuading people without them realizing they’ve been manipulated. It can happen by deliberate commission from books or pulpit. Church leaders do it by omission when they don’t denounce any and all heresy. Paul understood the principle of incorporating leaven when he publicly confronted Peter over food. This is a radical statement but in the end, is there a difference between denying Jesus and refusing to publicly confront heretics?

  2. Jeffry

    The Church will survive this end of days turmoil and apostasy until our Heavenly Father saves the last person that will be added to make-up the Bride of His Son The Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly, the Apostate church is leading many souls to a eternity without Christ. The Rapture(1 Thessalonians 4: 23-18) occurs before the Tribulation. The Church age will be closed and every Believer from this dispensation of Grace will be called to meet the Lord in the air at the Rapture. The Rapture, in keeping with the time table set out in the Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Daniel (Daniel 9: 25-27) opens a generation (Matthew 24:34) that sees the signing of a seven-year peace covenant in Israel which ends with the return of the Lord Jesus to set up His Kingdom. This covenant, some years after the Rapture of the Church, marks the reinstallation of Israel in the Devine timetable, the opening of Daniel’s seventieth week, and simultaneously the commencement of the Tribulation period that precedes Christ’s return to earth. The Gospel is preached during the Tribulation to those who never rejected or heard the Gospel. Please understand this. Today is the day of salvation for you. A strong delusion is given to all Christ rejecters in the day of Grace. The Gospel is the same Gospel we preach, except the emphasis falls on the coming King and Kingdom. Across the earth 144,000 of Israel preach of the coming King and Kingdom. Their is many that will be saved. Do not put off salvation. Trust Him today.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    The Bible does not tell us that there will be a great awakening or huge revival in the end times. However, a remnant of gentiles and Jews will receive Jesus as their Lord and keep faithful to His word, the Bible. A remnant is only about one third of the world population. A few will remain faithful. Let us keep faithful until the end or until Jesus comes to take us home. There are many Christian martyrs who are giving their lives this moment for Jesus around the world.

  4. charlie

    great article . the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine:but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves, having itching ears. 2nd tim 4-3

  5. Jeffry

    Amen Brother Mike, keep on keeping on. When Christians gather together on Sunday do they observe the Lords Supper every time? The Bible is clear that we proclaim the Lords Death till He comes for us. . . . When was the last time your assembly had a Gospel Meeting? The leaders say nobody is coming to the Gospel Meetings from the outside. Are they sure that all people in fellowship are saved? Do we tolerate this? Shame on us if we do not stand up for the Word of God. Christians need to leave places of worship that are teaching false Doctrines about our Lord Jesus Christ. Tolerance of this is sin. Get out! Isaiah chapter 5 has warnings against departure from the Word of God, and the adoption of evil practices, the inevitable result of such departure. So has it been in the history of Christendom.

    God, in His Grace, has left nothing undone to enable us to be fruitful for His Glory, by His Spirit and His Word. Once we turn from this we not only become unfruitful but open our hearts to many forms of evil, and “judgment” must begin at the House of God.

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