1. CW

    GOD BLESS Governor Brad Little and God bless the citizens of Idaho who supported him and backed in this godly thing he did.

    Elizabeth, I did not know that the UK had banned that ungodly TG movement. PRAISE GOD for that indeed!

    It’s always such a blessing to hear such good news in the midst of this ungodly generation. I praise God that He often reminds me of this promise in His Word (Romans): “Where sin doth abound, grace doth much more abound.” 🙂

  2. Jeffry

    God bless you Gov. Little for signing these Bills to help stop this perversion against our children. The Lord Jesus told us his return would be as in the days of Noah. Violence and Corruption would be the rule of the earth. Sadly, the world is proving this to be true. America’s school system , politics, medical care leaders and some churches have become just that. Pray for our country and this lost world. One day soon that last soul who the Lord saves to be with Him for all eternity will trust Him. If your not born again ,trust the Lord as your savior Today. The Rapture is close. Trust Him now.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    Praise the Lord for this brave move to protect our children and youth from the horrors of transgenderism and its consequences. It does not work. Praise the Lord that the U.K. has banned this movement. Many transgenders later regret the surgery.

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