1. Fran Marie

    Too many churches have been polluted with NAR, ARC, Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel. It is self centered and narcissistic. It’s about comfort and ego-stroking. When’s the last time the average Christian has heard a sermon on ‘The Fellowship of Suffering’? Even American Christians taught solid teaching will have a very difficult time if we don’t commit to memorizing scripture for WHEN they take our bibles.

  2. Ron

    There is no question that believers in the west are not preparing to stand for Christ when persecution comes, and it is coming.
    So many have left their first love and have given themselves over to false doctrines of every sort. I often wonder if the average church goer even knows what the great commission is!
    While millions are waiting on their “great escape” those who understand the times are preparing to make their stand for Jesus.

  3. Paul

    I believe most of todays “church” are far from ready to face persecution. And when it comes how many will turn away from Christ altogether and turn on one another and betray one another as Jesus foretold will happen one day. One seriously wonders how many of today’s “church” are even truly saved, or how many are content to exist on the border of Christ’s kingdom and this world and don’t want to abandon the world. The NAR and Reformed Reconstructionism give a false hope to many in the churches today that somehow WE will create the paradise for ourselves that we are supposed to wait for Christ to bring into existence on this world.

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