1. Jan H.

    Mike Bickle has been channeling the same spirit led revelations as 16th century occultic Jane Lead for 40 years. Bickles Davidic wars and Leads Wars of David, their “showers of the spirit”, Bickles Elijah List and Leads “Elijah Warriors” , the lust for manifestations, the ‘Warrior Bride” of Jesus, The “spirit” impregnating the Church so as to “birth” the “new Corporate God Man”, which is thousands of “believers” incarnated as Christ, the endless shared occultic “revelations” and yet the masses follow this man. He is bringing in the One World Church and I believe Jesus will say “Depart from Me I never knew you.” RUN from Mike Bickle!!

  2. Kevin

    By definition, biblical is relating to or contained in the Bible. No need to guess.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    Emergents are substituting Contemplative Prayer and Spiritual Formation for the Bible and real prayer as shown in the scriptures. For them Jesus and the Bible are not enough. The Emergent cult is a false faith based on works, not on the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Susan

    If it’s not in the Bible I guess it’s not biblical. Forcing that on your employees is just not right to lead them in an unbiblical direction. You will be held accountable before the Lord if you do this ….now that should be a sobering thought.

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