1. Katrina

    Thank you for putting this info on your site. I read your articles often and trust this site. I will be looking into these alternative sites to do my homework. Thank you one and all.

  2. Goel

    The reason you didn’t hear Trump say anything is because both parties are wings of the same bird. There’s no difference between the two parties. Here are a few quotes from Carroll Quigley, who was greatly admired by Bill Clinton explaining the two party system: https://www.azquotes.com/author/11973-Carroll_Quigley.
    This country has been going towards Communism for a very long time. All agendas are done so subtly that it’s difficult to see it. If the Marxist agenda was to just come out in the open, there would be a huge revolt, globally.
    Paul “Daddy War bucks” Warburg, who represented the Rothschild interests here in the US, made a bold statement back in 1950 during a Senate hearing concerning a one world government: http://libertytree.ca/quotes/James.Warburg.Quote.BC08.
    Regardless of which party you put your hopes and trust in, ask yourself this: when was the last time they had your best interest before theirs?
    We still have abortions, thanks to Margaret Sanger not so much Roe v. Wade. I would suggest watching a video between Mike Wallace and Margaret Sanger to get a clear understanding as to where the globalists, including Trump, are trying to lead the global population to. Read Albert Pike’s three world wars and you’ll see we are already in the third one. BLM, antifa and sunrise are all nihilists as stated by Pike. First guide line in the Georgia Guide Stones explains it as well.
    Pray is all we have left. Come Lord Jesus, come.

  3. Sandy

    I agree totally with you…My grandfather left Germany after WWI.. He left in 1923 and worked in the copper mines in Upper Michigan(Tamarak Mines) and in 1924 my grandmother and aunt(9) and my dad(3) came to join him. They all learned English and became citizens…They never looked back and my grandpa always told me that he came to America for freedom FREEDOM for his family and future generations, because he saw things start happening in Germany that was NOT GOOD HITLER was doingwhat the Leftists are doing to this country now…Only there is no other country to flee to for FREEDOM. …I am 73 and his oldest grandchild….and my sister 68 is the only other grandchildren he had…My aunt never married….Grampa always told me that FREEDOM is needed and that Hitler was a horrible and started mesmerizing all people into fear and snitching on each other. Even most of the “christians” didn’t see what was coming…
    So, now I have 4 adult children with 8 grandchildren(4 boys and 4 girls ranging from 25 to 6) who may never be free after this horrible election steal in history….I am a widow and I pray that the Lord will protect my family .
    I have always told my children and my older grandchildren to never forget what happened in Germany with Hitler and trying to annihilate all the Jews
    And yes God is still on the Throne and in Control…

  4. Majlis Seppänen

    I believe we ought to do as the Bereans when it comes to media. We need to read and listen to both mainstream media and alternative media. Both types have their agendas, and none of them has got the complete truth. We need to compare them without preconceived notions.
    For getting more inputs we can also study media abroad. There are many newspapers online written in English, for instance https://nation.africa and https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/. There are of course many others, use Google or Duckduckgo.com to find more.
    If it’s true that those that attacked the Capitolium were members of BLM and Antifa, why haven’t mr. Trump said anything about that? Why haven’t he told you that they were not his supporters? That would have made a big difference. I follow media from all around the world, but I haven’t seen or read anything of that sort.
    As for fraud, has there been any former president candidate that has claimed he (or she) lost the election due to fraud? I can’t remember having heard anything of that. And maybe there could have been frauds earlier, but no one made such an enormous affair of that as mr. Trump did.

  5. Jeffry

    Some very good comments. Sadly, America in 2021 looks like Germany 1933. Jewish people were being attacked, free speech was censored, laws were written against freedoms of the people. Hitler is now in power. People were very careful what they said to other people. Why are thousands of military soldiers in D.C. to protect the swearing-in of are next President Joe Biden? Pray, Pray and Pray. Stay calm, Our Heavenly Father is still in Control.

  6. William Diller

    Thanks for that. It’s comforting to know that some others are using their God given brains during this sad episode

  7. Goel

    Here are some other sources that I use: bitchute.com; lbry.tv; bittube.tv. NEVER listen to anything Mainstream Media (MSM) has to say. Two examples are some CBS clips where they used a video earlier last year of a hospital from Italy (https://www.bitchute.com/video/khvLod91ze5M/) and told the US public it was in New York. Another is when CBS asked some medical techs at Cherry Health to form a line to pretend they were the locals going to get tested for the so-called virus (https://www.bitchute.com/video/XGm6QPJc0as/).
    What took place at the US capital was a staged event with Antifa and BLM at the helm making it look as though it was Trump supporters causing the provocations. I do not believe in either party since neither represent the American people. This has been going on for a long time but really started to take shape when Woodrow Wilson betrayed this country in December 1913 (https://www.azquotes.com/author/15808-Woodrow_Wilson/tag/federal-reserve).
    The main goal with all that we are seeing is to bring down ANYONE who speaks contrary to those who were bought and paid for by the CCP will be censored and removed. Are we seeing Communism, Fascism and Marxism coming into full view worldwide yet? This is the CCP system being ushered in on a global scale. The only things left are the anti-christ and the image of the beast to make their presence known.
    Keep looking up for His return.

  8. Elizabeth Bennett

    It is obvious that Antifa and BLM were there pretending to be Trump supporters; they are the ones who started the violence, with help from some of the Mayor’s DC police. Some of these police were in cahoots with the Antifa-BLM. This was planned. They wanted Trump supporters to be blamed for the violence and liberals believe the lie. I heard one Dem saying that all Republicans should be punished. Concentration camps? Let us pray for our President (Trump) and his family, protection from harm and that hearts will be turned to Jesus during this time of evil. Also, Jay Sekelow and Don Thompson have been banned along with Parler. Conservatives are being silenced.

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