1. Maria Kaiser

    The root of a thing will ultimately produce the fruit of the thing!
    You cannot cut off the top of a dandelion and stick on or graft in another plant, for it will ultimately default to its roots, and produce a dandelion! So sorry I do not agree with those who say they are practicing Christians and yet practice yoga or pilates, you cannot stick the name of christian on to any of these middle Eastern practices and think that you are safe because you call them by another name… The root hasn’t changed, and anything that is not rooted in the Word of God is of the world and we know who holds the world in his sway until Jesus Christ returns to reign. Please prayerfully consider what I have written and seek the Lord Jesus in His word for yourself.

  2. John

    You know NOTHING of the Desert Fathers of genuine Christian mysticism. You teach total depravity which Christ rejected: “I want you to be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.” Typical protestant claptrap. You are right about Pilates and Yoga but repulsively equate those practices with true traditional Christianity, which is Catholic and nothing else. Objectively speaking, all protestants are damned to eternal hellfire. Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, you little know-it-all prig.

  3. Barb

    As an addendum to my response, I was using the Pilates Reformer machine as opposed to the floor Pilates in a class. It was a godsend to me as nothing else relieved my pain.

  4. Barb

    A wise intelligent response. I had an SI joint injury & tried chiropractic & massage to no avail. My chiropractor finally referred me to rehab using Pilates. It did the trick & relieved my pain. It was exercises period. Nothing else. No eastern mysticism or breathing other than proper abdominal breathing technique.
    I agree, we must be wise in this age, test the spirits against the Word of God & run from those things that add to or take from the truth of God’s Word.

  5. Amy Allen

    I agree with the above. I am a practicing believer in Jesus Christ and have a spirit of discernment. I to am trained in Pilates and in my training the breathing is about teaching people to breath through the exercises, not hold their breath for the purpose of keeping your oxygen flowing through your body. As for the mind, we help people to learn to be mindful of where their body parts are. A high percentage of people have no clue where or what their body is doing. Pilates helps correct body balance, elongate and strengthen and make their spine flexible. As for Joseph Pilates, he created this program with dancers in mind. To help keep their body healthy. When being trained there is not any “spiritualism” taught.

  6. Chantal

    Well, I am going to throw a spanner in the works here. I am very open to reading Caryl’s work and find her work very informative & eye opening.
    I think that Caryl hasn’t gone too much into the actual different Pilates training schools and what their varying emphasis’s are regarding the spiritual. I am a Pilates (9yrs) teacher and I in no way have used the breathing as a form of spirituality. My training and emphasis has been on exercising and getting people more balanced in muscle activation, with strengths & weaknesses. Lots is about poor posture and how to correct that. I too am a Sports Massage Therapist and that approach links in strongly with my teaching of Pilates. I am aware that many schools out there are leaning towards the Yoga emphasis and it is really very important to find the correct teacher. As a Christian I did lots of research before going into Pilates teaching and had a clear understanding of what the dangers or influences were. After all we live in a fallen world and the devil is the god of this world and is working very well in deceiving many, coming as an angel of light (counterfeit). We can see this in acupuncture being accepted as medical when its roots are deep in Eastern mysticism. As in folk believing in evolution etc. etc.
    If you are looking into doing Pilates, do your homework on the teacher and test all the spirits as the bible says, we are to be grounded in the word so that we can be discerning and rely on the indwelling Holy Spirit to reveal all truth to you.
    Test the spirits in all areas of your life, from your children’s teachers, sports personal trainer, doctor.. the list is endless.
    Be strong in the word and have Gods word of Truth teach you all things.
    I hope this helps.

  7. Helga

    Thank you for this article. So many believers claim that Pilates is ok for Christians. I tried it once in my gym it was offered free of charge to members, but I sensed while exercising it for the first time ever (I never tried Yoga, this I was already informed about) that something more than just physical was going on, I kept praying for myself and the other participants but I knew without doubt this was not just physical and this was not ok for a follower of Jesus The Christ and someone translated and being part of the Kingdom of Light!

  8. Elizabeth Bennett

    I have always found Yoga and other meditation practices to be very self-centered. Me and nobody else. What happens to the rest of the family while the mom or dad are immersed in these activities. They detach the person from the world around them and reality. Self-absorption takes over. And then demonic spirits can enter.

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