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  1. Michael

    I jusy want to know this
    2. How on earth were the terrorists able to breach the area and overcome idf …
    2. It took 12 hours to reach the area,while terrorists were doing their dirty work?
    does not the Israeli military have helicopters?, attack drones that can take out targets ? whole leaving civilians unharmed?
    3. Why are Arabs allowed to serve alongside Israelis ?
    you have to wonder where their true loyalties lie… an inside breach perhaps?
    4 Where do these terrorists get their arms from??
    red china,and russia are more than happy to cause destabilization there, and their presence has been seen for quite some time..
    Side note
    We have had 7 million illegals, pour over our southern border since 2020.
    Many are from communist countries, some would say they are escaping it, for a better life here..hmnn Im not so sure . Consider that many have of late been military aged men. We dont see family units coming in droves as before wanting to assimilate and become citizens and learn our language. The ones that are coming are hostile towards us., and our laws!
    We can pray, but it is obvious that our ,leaders are not upholding the laws , but thwarting them instead. Americans are living carelessly
    and it will be our downfall

    Alot of unanswered questions..

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