1. Rosa

    The hour is late… I pray the Lord will graciously open more hearts to know Him with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength and that they love their neighbor as themselves as commanded by Christ Jesus, I pray the following links will be helpful for some… https://comeoutofher.org/ and
    https://www.biblebasedministries.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/A-Message-to-Protestants.pdf and

  2. Diana

    I just knew it was not right when my daughter told me I should watch it. She is not receptive when I share the Gospel with her. Reading this article confirms it is not a true depiction of Jesus..especially when side stories are added. A little leaven leavens the whole lump (Gal. 5:9.) What evil days we live in.


    I’ve tried to send your links to people who use him on their platforms Jan Markel olivetreeviews.org is really good about Bible prophecy end times stuff but seems to be ignoring my attempts to bring his errors to her attention? I’ve even tried to share these links to him on Facebook and heard no reply? It’s sadly indicative of the false churches of today that have abandoned true solid Biblically discernment and hermeneutics historical grammatical literal etc I’ll keep trying thanks for your awesome service to The LORD GOD Almighty Jesus 🙏 ❤️ Praying for you and your families May GOD bless you and your families with health love joy and peace always in Jesus name amen have a blessed day and weekend!

  4. Hi Judy,
    Hopefully you can make a call or write a letter to him telling him your concerns about his promoting The Chosen. Just as with Jesus Calling and The Shack, The Chosen is pushing a false “Christ,” and we must exhort leaders and pastors to do what is right.

  5. Judy Cardinale

    I have followed Jack Hibbs ministry for a number of years. I too questioned his promoting of The Chosen. But, I never received a response. I will continue to follow him, his preaching is the best. But, we are all humans and as such are called to be Bereans and “ search the scriptures daily”. It is our personal responsibility to do so. We each will be held accountable to know the Truth.

  6. Janet Brown

    Thank you, Lighthouse Trails (and The Berean Call) who do such a great job in calling out deception and false teaching when so many of us tend to go along and think something isn’t that big of a deal. I was uncomfortable watching “The Chosen” and yet when I try to warn people, I am shunned. What saddens me is that they do not even want to read anything “negative” about it, and that makes me wonder what kind of Christian isn’t even curious enough to examine another’s opinion that could possibly help them in their walk with the Lord?

  7. James Amaya

    Jack Hibbs posted this on Facebook 6-27-22:

    If you are a catholic, its time for you to read the Gospel of St. John chapter 3 and ask yourself, ‘when was the last time you were told by your priest that YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN to enter the kingdom of heaven?'”

    Then go and read John’s other book – the Book of Revelation chapters 17 and 18 and ask yourself ‘Am I following Jesus Christ or am I following a church, a system, a pastor, priest or pope?'”

    Flee any church that seeks to be a friend of the world and the agenda’s of this world.

  8. Jay And Michelle Fitz

    Bless you LHT for your continuing great work and posting this article. We have shared it with our unsuspecting Christian family and co-worker. The end-times Babylon church has lulled many to sleep and may more be drawn out of the fire by the truth of God’s word and Holy Spirit.

  9. Sandy G.

    Thank you for continuing to warn the flock about the danger in the series , The Chosen. As an ex temple Mormon, I am very aware of the extreme demonic direction of the Mormon Church delusion. I also disagree with those who say that The Chosen does not teach Mormon doctrine,. One of the main doctrines of Mormonism as with all Christ based cults, is that they humanize God and deify man. The portrayal of Christ is very much that of simply a human. Christ is fully human AND fully God, this is not a minor issue. Mormonism teaches that “ as man is, God once was, as God is, man may become”. Brigham Young , a Mormon prophet and leader of the church following Joseph Smith, taught in his “Doctrines and Discourses” volume one that Adam is our (the earth’s) God and the only god with whom we have to deal”. Later in the same volume, he states that it was “Adam God” who as god had the right to choose any woman he wanted to be his son’s mother and that it was he (Adam god) who impregnated Mary. The Mormon church does not propagate this teaching but it is implied in their teachings and it was taught by their prophet BrighamYoung.
    The identity of Christ is crucial to correct Biblical doctrine! I received Christ at Calvary Chapel after hearing Pastor Chuck Smith teaching about being born again. I tried to find the Jesus of the Bible in Mormonism and the more I read the Word of God, the more I realized the real Jesus was not the Jesus of the Mormon church. During my time of searching, I came under horrifying demonic attacks, rejection by all my Mormon friends, home teachers and a abusive spouse and in-laws, but Jesus had me and wouldn’t let go.
    As you can see by my testimony, Who Jesus Is, is absolutely crucial to me and I am terribly grieved to see so many brother and sisters deceived by this gross misrepresentation of my Lord being not just accepted, but lauded in His church.
    You can be sure that the Mormon church is using this series as a missionary tool for leading many into deception and as a way of luring some who left the Mormon church seeking to find the Jesus of the Bible, back into deception hearing an “evangelical Christian” claim that Mormons and Christians worship the same Jesus. They don’t!!!!
    Thank you for all you do to warn about deception in these last days. I pray that many will heed your warnings and be saved from following the many paths leading away from “the narrow way”. God bless you
    Sandy Grosklos

  10. Rita B.

    My first time even hearing about The Chosen was within tis past week! The man was totally raving about it! A.W. Tozer had a lot to say about ‘Christian’ movies!! I agree with him!

    Thank you LT for all that you do! Don’t give up the fight! There are more people out here praying for you than you may think!

    May our Lord keep a hedge of protection around you and your ministry now and always.

    Rita B.

  11. That may be true about human nature, Nancy. But the Bible clearly tells believers to discern truth from error and to warn about dangers, doctrinally speaking. We are not to do that in a mean-spirited way, but we are to do it. The reasoning behind your statement is that if a Christian leader is doing some good things, he should not be challenged in areas where he is hurting the body of Christ. We just don’t agree with that. False christs have entered the church and are deceiving many, and Christian leaders and the majority of pastors are not warning about them but rather are giving heed to them.

  12. Lisa

    Lighthouse trails you have done some good work and have provided Christians with some good and solid information. But, lately I have seen you tear down people and ministries without doing your usual thorough due diligence. It is not right. It is not balancing truth and love. There are so many heretics and false teachers in the church today and this is how you spend your time. it is obvious that you know little about Jack Hibbs’ ministry.

  13. James

    I knew there was something wrong with that Jack Hibbs guy!

    I’ve had numerous instances when seeing a preacher that is popular and seemingly OK… but something just seemed off to me so I would not listen to their messages.

    Then later, I learn why things seemed off. Thank you Lord for the Holy Ghost!

  14. Nancy Faught

    I have no words of wisdom. Maybe it’s good or maybe it’s bad. But I know human nature is to criticize those who are trying to do something by those who are not doing anything.

  15. Margo

    I agree with Andre and Donna. These poor people who look up to these pastors never discerning on their own are being set up for the one world super church that will come in the name of Christ but is opposed to Christ. I recommend all watch the interview of Greg Laurie with Alice Cooper. I also used to follow these men. Now I follow Jesus Christ and His Word alone.

  16. Mary Selander

    After seeing Jack Hibbs during one of his sermons, playing an excerpt from THE CHOSEN and encouraging people to watch the series, I too, wrote to Jack Hibbs with my concern that he was promoting THE CHOSEN.
    Wanting to give him the benefit of doubt, part of my letter to him stated, “I thought perhaps you might not have watched much, or was at the least unaware of the UNBIBLICAL ideas and dramatizations of this series. You can do your own research (and I hope you do), but here is a short paragraph from a Berean Call article….”

    I will just say that I received the same response as that posted here in your article; and I also noticed that it was taken almost word for word from GotQuestions.org. Pretty obvious to me that no personal research was done on this series, just reposting what others have written or endorsed. Sad that one who is supposed to be a Shepherd is more like a wolf. I’m thankful Lighthouse Trails has sent him this booklet, and I pray that he reads it and reconsiders.

  17. Melisa

    Thank you LT for posting.

    As another reader commented, is it possible that Pastor Jack isn’t aware of your concern and that his perhaps less discerning ministry team is handling this matter on his behalf?

    He’s incredibly active in the ministry, I do not believe he would even has the time to sit and watch this series or any other.

    Aside from that, I always wondered what his stance on it was as I had my own reservations from the beginning. My family and I have been apart of this ministry’s online viewership for some years now and only just saw a clip played at Christmas. Aside from that, I have seen no other promotion of the series Sundays or Wednesdays.

    Not to say there isn’t, just my own observation.

    No man is perfect, but our family is very thankful and appreciative of Pastor Jack and his boldness at the pulpit for a time such as this.

    Jan Markell and Jill MR did a great video with their own concerns about the Chosen. I know that Jan and Jack partner often in the ministry and are good friends. I have no doubt that concerns are being voiced, heard, and prayed about.

    Let us all be very careful at this late hour to warn, speaking the truth in the love and not devour one another. If we truly believe the Holy Spirit is present, we can trust He will convict the hearts of man that are hearing Him and I believe wholeheartedly that Pastor Jack does and will respond appropriately.

    Blessings Church. Soon and very soon, we’re going to see our King!

  18. Wendy

    I tried to watch it when it came out but found it annoyed and irritated me. A more mature Christian I know was raving about it. Now I know why I was being irritated by it. I also can’t stand Eugene Petersons the message . In a similar way they both trash Gods word.

  19. Mary Ann Roberts

    Praying for you, Deborah and David. You are standing firm on your faith and I applaud you for that. I see the enemy and his demons attacking all of us who are standing firm. We are NOT surprised.
    Hang in there, dear Saints. I pray for protection for us all as times get worse and worse. BUT GOD…

    Love you both and your ministry. Come and get us, Jesus !

  20. Andre Alexander

    I for one am dead against men playing Our Lord Jesus .
    What about the 4th Commandment? 4 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.
    How dare they even consider such blasphemy !

  21. b. sue

    thank you for bringing this to our attention. might i ask, do you think that Jack Hibbs even knows about your concerns or is his team handling everything? maybe Jack isn’t even aware. just wondering if you know for sure that he does know? thank you again for your work.

  22. Angeline Johannes

    Thank you for posting this. It seems many have put the “Chosen” on the backburner, but fail to realize it is a huge Trojan horse being used to promote Mormonism.
    How do we contact Jack Hibbs’ ministry?

  23. Jeffry

    Thank you Lighthouse for warning people about these apostate movies that are not from the Bible. Living in America can we not have Peaceful Protests to tell the world that false teachings are not from many of these movies? Christians, Our world right now is heading for disaster. The Gospel should be made clear to all who want to listen to truth. Pray for help from our Heavenly Father. For God so Loved the World. Pray.

  24. Donna Thomas

    Thank you so much for all that you are doing to reveal the truth about The Chosen.
    The Chosen embodies the worst and most dangerous kind of deception. The darkest evil isn’t even that Mormons (or Catholics) were involved (and there are definite red flags here), but the obvious lack of holy fear, love and respect for Jesus and the Word of God. The wicked license that has been taken so as to entertain, but that truthfully is to deceive, mislead and malign is not to be believed. That today’s Christians are putting their approval on this blasphemous, slanderous and deceptive series is a sorry statement on the Biblical illiteracy that is rampant in the Church.
    Jack Hibbs ministry should not be “beseeched”, but “called out” for their deceptive appraisal, and later deceptive cover up response
    concerning The Chosen.
    I don’t think LT was too hard on JH, but if anything, too easy.
    Thank you for this much needed article.

  25. Ahava

    Thank you for posting this. I have been concerned about Jack Hibbs ministry for some time.

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