1. CW

    Unbelievers have become unapologetically evil; they trumpet every kind of perversion they can think of, and expect the rest of us to meekly bow our knees to them. NO, we will only bow to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Maranatha!

  2. Bonnie

    As you see we Christian’s who believe in that Word of God have no right to say no to those whining transgenders gays liberals well we believe in God’s Holy Word an we don’t want to join you in anything so go find a corner an whine. At the end of the road you unbelievers will be accountable for your own actions meantime leave we who believe in Jesus Christ alone

  3. Bonnie

    As you can see we Christian’s have no freedom to say no to something contrary to the Word of God as the liberals transgenders gays whine about anything we say in connection with Jesus Christ .

  4. Grace

    Jack Phillips is anchored securely in his faith. He has God. God will see him through what ever the enemy via his minions brings his way. The tormentors and accusers exist in the only thing they know…darkness without hope. It’s them who should be pitied and also prayed for. What a miserable dark existence as the clock ticks towards eternity, to be filled with continual drama, hate and angst towards what and who ever reminds them of that relentless irritating truth written on the hearts of every man ….it drives them crazy! they need to lash out at the nearest most convenient reminder and right now, that’s the Christian man Jack …hard working upstanding man. Proud to have him as my brother in Christ. God can turn any evil into something good for His Glory. To God be the glory!

  5. Anna Rosa

    Amen Elizabeth! True Christians will never condone sin, no matter how many times we are dragged into court!

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    Liberals and atheists are purposely attacking all vestiges of godly living and biblical standards, dragging true believers to court and destroying Christian businesses. Satan-inspired attacks! My heart goes out to these godly business owners. I pray for them.

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