1. Carol

    I am guilty of allowing Jesus Calling book into my life & home which was recently introduced to me. I was not aware of the new age messages in the book but I need to get rid of this book. I’m not willing to take back to bookstore for a refund! Thank you for your article of discernment. Blessings .. .

  2. Debbie Groover

    I love the Jesus Calling Devotional book. It references Scriptures from the Holy Bible. I always reference the Bible in my Devotionals. I never quote from a book unless it’s the Bible.

  3. CW

    Experience-based “Christianity” is not Biblical Christianity at all. It is tragic that “experiencing God’s presence” has been artificially divorced from being filled with and led by His Word, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Moses refused to go forward if the presence of the Lord did not go with him — he also received God’s Word, was faithful to teach it to his people, and he abided in that Word throughout his life. It should not be one or the other — experiencing God’s presence OR receiving and abiding in His Word — it should be BOTH, at all times. God’s Word without His presence is dead, like the Pharisees’ dead, false religion. “Experiencing His presence” apart from His Word is a lie — if anyone does this, they are not experiencing the presence of the God whom Christ Jesus came to earth to reveal, the only God who can save us from our sins and give us eternal life.

  4. Jen

    Thank you for this great article. It is sad to see that the Jesus Calling Book is among the top 10 and disheartening to see so many falling into this deception of experienced based Christianity! Even my local church, that has an online portal to watch services, shows the countdown timer with the title ’the Next Live Experience’. I used to be on the executive prayer team for my pastor. The leader of the group kept claiming that she wanted more. I never understood what she meant by wanting more when in our lifetime we could never exhaust the Scriptures. Then when she moved, the lady who took over started with requesting seers and praying the 7 Mountain Mandate etc. I couldn’t leave fast enough!!! A neighbor, who passed away within the last year, fell into the experience of Jesus Calling. She handed out copies to all of her children and grandchildren. She passed away at home in her bedroom with her family surrounding her as they all witnessed the statue of Mary that was above her bed weeping oil. I saw the statue and indeed it did have oil coming from the eyes. Asked what I thought, I answered, for any of those who witnessed this does it push them further to seek the Lord or to just seek the experience? If it is just the experience then it is not of The Lord! Another example of a old friend who posted her reading of Henri Nouwen and when I gently tried to caution, her response was I love everything contemplative. Deception is rampant, few listen to truth!

  5. John Harrington

    Warren is absolutely right. I had a family member get involved with centering prayer awhile back and got all sorts of information that sounded “okay”, but was not in the Bible. Fortunately, after a couple of years of discussing Jesus at the supper table there was a change to forsake such activity. They loved the “Sarah book” and quoted it several times, but since has seen the error and now seeks out answers in God’s word.

  6. Phoebe

    Excellent article!! Thank you for exposing the deception of these popular books…it is sad to see so many believers clinging to these books and forsaking God’s word. Lord help us!

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