1. LMcG

    The best I can say about folks who believe “Reformation Theology” based on the teaching of John Calvin the murderer, is that “intellectual ascent” is worshiped rather that our God and His True doctrine, even though that’s not very wise. The worst I can say is, I grieve for those who have been deceived, some of whom were very good friends of mine, and will find out the hard way that they believed a lie.

  2. Duane Evertson

    Calvinism is a satanic cleverly designed attack on Christianity from within
    Much like america is being destroyed from within

    It changes the nature of God
    It changes the nature of man
    It changes the gospel into election

    Totally satanic and unbiblical

  3. dana Padula

    Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him. Jn 3:36

  4. Friend

    I am reading the following book: “The Registers of the Consistory of Geneva at the Time of Calvin: Volume 1: 1542-1544” by Watt and Kingdon. One question to keep in mind when reading about this Consistory of Geneva: how did the Consistory become aware of the infractions of the people brought before the Consistory? Snitching by neighbors? Door to door inspections by henchmen? Note: watch out for movement of Christian Nationalism…one author of CN admits they want to have another version of John Calvin’s Geneva!

  5. John J

    Calvinism/Reformed “Christianity,” and all its allies are 1000 times worse than the fictitious allah and what flows from there. Calvinism is Satan’s biggest deception.

  6. Calvin was a murderer. He burned Servetus alive and after 30 days of torture, crucified Jacque Gruet. He quartered and hung people as well. The ignorance of his followers is astounding. I have zero problem calling it for what it is – a man worshiping, biblically illiterate, gnostic, fatalistic, pseudointellectual cult. It’s so so sad that they have exchanged the glorious truth of the living God for a god that in substance is much like Allah.

    In the website section I linked my in depth analysis of Romans 9. It’s not what they think it is, that’s for certain. ….actually it wouldn’t let me so I put the main site name. It’s like 4-5 articles from the top.

  7. charles

    its a shame people like the late rc sproul idilozed augustine and luther and calvin all heretics the bible is our final authority not calvinisim period . jesus died for all but the majority will not be saved according to the bible . john3-3 ye must be born again not baptized , a new creature in christ. 2nd cor 5-17

  8. GJ

    The “isms” are attractive for those who don’t want to struggle with the conviction of their conscience—it’s “set in a heart of stone”, so no need to “sweat it out”. The conflict arises—we’re created in the image of God having a conscience to face. God values His image so much that… Jesus Christ died that we could respond to His Voice… the conviction of the need to be set free from sin. This puts the “ball in our court”, which the “ism” followers don’t want to face… personal responsibility to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”.

    If we discredit the image of God, we’ll treat others created in that image with the same indifferent attitude.

    Treating people as a “commodity”, like a sack of wheat, for pleasure and gain came from nations that God told Israel to separate from and destroy. He chose Israel to reveal Himself, His ways, to the world—the counter approach to abusing people for gain. He has instructed the Jew and Gentile Saints of the Church to do the same… to not love the world’s ways… to be salt and light unto the world… to love others as they love God and themselves.

    Showing partiality cowering to men out of fear, will we use this same fear tactic to “whip” others into subjection because our conscience has lost its… voice? Think about the carnage of dictators throughout history like Mao, Stalin, and Hitler.

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