1. wm

    So, if they had uncovered a puppy mill where dogs were being killed and body parts taken, these two people would be heroes. But in the case of human babies, they are deemed criminals.

  2. John J

    Carol J, you mean the murder of innocent human beings. However, rejoice also, as those little ones are safe with God.

  3. jamie in illinois

    Wish I had the money to pay their fine for them….unreal. I daily understand more and more why Lot was vexed. Must mean how I am feeling.

  4. Carol J.

    The “harm” they claim to have received is nothing compared to the harm they have done to millions of innocent children.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    When I heard about the jury verdicts concerning Daleiden and Sandra Merritt I cried about the injustice of this all. Meanwhile, real criminals are running around loose creating havoc. There is no way they could have gotten fair trials in San Francisco! I am praying that these horrific verdicts will be overturned. I cannot remember if Sandra’s trial was there. Satan is on the attack daily.

  6. JDV

    So if they had gone through with colluding to harvest parts, they could have made plenty, but by apparently going undercover to ascertain hard proof of the truth, a jury wants them to pay millions. Speaks for itself,

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