1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I cannot believe that Biden and his administration have not been charged with treason yet. Americans and Christians are dying and in peril and the WH does not care. Some say Obama and his cohorts are the power behind the throne. Our State Dept. is refusing to grant permission for the planes to take off in rescue efforts. We live in perilous times. Jesus is coming soon! We should all be repenting and praying for our country.

  2. Jeffry

    Dear Christians of America, Elizabeth has said it well. “Persecution of Christians usually increases the Kingdom of Christ.” The Taliban is coming to America along with immigrants from our southern borders who receive support, financing and housing paid for by the elected Satanic/Communists/Marxists traders in Washington D.C. Why hasn’t Biden been removed from office yet? Is it still possible to bring our Military that is spread across the world protecting other countries to help us? Godly Leaders of our country must still be on vacation. Morality in America seems to be sleeping. Heaven is our Home and our power comes from Heaven. Our Heavenly Father can give us the courage we need in these Dark Days. America needs to hear The Gospel. And we need to Preach the Gospel to a world that is ready for Judgement. Pray for America.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    A retired British colonel stated that Biden should be court-martialed for what he has done in Afghanistan. We really do not know what is really happening with American citizens, their translators and missionaries and believing Afghans but there are rumors of torture and beheadings. We are praying that Biden will do the right thing but it may be too late. The brutality of the Taliban may drive many Muslims to receive Christ. Persecution of Christians usually increases the Kingdom of Christ. Let us pray that America will have godly leaders soon who have wisdom. Our founders stated that a Constitutional republic can function only if the citizens are a moral people.

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