1. CW

    Patrice, I read an article about her parents in a Christian magazine a few years ago. It said they are active in Christian ministry and are praying for her daily. I agree, it must be heartbreaking to be in their shoes.

  2. Patrice

    Her poor parents, if I they were true evangelical Christians , must be heartbroken to have one of their children go completely evil.

  3. Anna Rosa

    There is more info. on this event over at the following sites: Rather Expose Them Christian News Network

  4. CW

    ***So why did the pope contact her to speak? Why would one even consider that the Pope himself is a Christian?*** Good point, William Diller. I know that he is way off track, as are all who subscribe to Catholic teachings, of which so many are clearly un-Biblical. My thought was that he would at least want to give an appearance of holiness. But then it is totally possible that he is so deluded, he does not know that TM is completely antithetical to the Christian faith.

  5. William Diller

    To “CW”: “This article says something a bit different, but it does emphasize that she does not claim to be a Christian. So why did the pope contact her to speak? Why would one even consider that the Pope himself is a Christian? Just sayin’

  6. admin

    Thank you for sharing that information CW. Also worth noting, the Desert Fathers (from the Catholic tradition) brought in mystical practices, really pioneering the way for contemplative prayer (i.e., mystical prayer). Then, of course, the Jesuits carried on the practices, and eventually they found their way to Catholic priest Thomas Merton and through him, into the evangelical church via Richard Foster and Celebration of Discipline.

  7. CW

    I looked up TM today and learned that it is recognized as an exercise of Hinduism. Also “In 2003, the Roman Curia (Roman Catholic group) published a warning against mixing eastern meditations, such as TM, with Christian prayer, though a 2013 statement suggests that eastern meditations can be useful.” (From Wikipedia) Interesting that they started out telling the truth about it, then changed their view. Who was pope in 2013?

  8. Anna Rosa

    She has openly denied her faith and is a satanist. Online research can show evidence of this. Also google for ‘occult images’ of her.

  9. Carol Morris

    Boy, these people are so deceived! Thank you so much for sharing this information!

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