Ken Blanchard to Co-Author Book with Mystical Meditation Proponents

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What do Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield and Stephen Covey all have in common? Well, in April 2007 there will be at least two things. One, they will be sharing authorship of a new book titled, Speaking of Success, and two, they all are proponents of mystical meditation. But the one thing they don’t have in common is this: Canfield and Covey are not considered evangelical Christians; Ken Blanchard is. And unfortunately that will mean that many unsuspecting Christians will pick up Blanchard’s upcoming book and assume it is safe reading. And many may even venture to pick up other books written by Canfield and Covey, and a terrible snowballing effect could occur.

If Blanchard’s twenty year history of promoting eastern meditation and Buddhism are any indication, and if Canfield’s and Covey’s mystical persuasions factor in, Speaking of Success is not a book to be recommended. The following is a press release issued regarding the new book.


“Insight Publishing announced today the selection of James Roswell Quinn as a contributor to Speaking of Success. Publication of this book, featuring insights from world-class experts regarding professional and personal success, is scheduled for April 2, 2007.

“Quinn joins the previously selected authors, Ken Blanchard ( The One Minute Manager ), Jack Canfield ( Chicken Soup for the Soul ) and Stephen R Covey ( The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People ). They, along with several additional authors, will each share their unique insights to creating success.” Click here to read this entire press release.

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