1. T. I. Miller

    Proponents of the social gospel have a habit of editing scripture. The edit out what they do not like and edit and or read meaning into the text that twist and distort in almost beyond recognition. One of the the many devilish tricks is to turn the parable of the sheep and the goats into the whole gospel. You so called good deeds, alone, not your faith is your redemption. They do not boast in Jesus Christ and Him crucified, rather they boast in their own works. The lamb who came to take away the sins of the world is no longer needed. Salvation is the ultimate self help program. They dismiss the call of God for us to be holy . they dismiss the call of God to be a separate people. Original sin is a myth of those crazy creationists. Jesus was wrong to say that are none good but God. The social gospel the social justice movement first arrived in pre WWII Germany. It advocated socialism in the guise of Christianity. It later moved to south/central America where it was used to turn many Christians into socialist/communists. Sin and Satan are not the problem. inequality in every aspect is the only sin that is to overcome to bring on global social salvation. to them saving individual souls is foolishness.

  2. Jeffry

    Satan’s masterpiece: Brainwashing the human race. Buzz words in the Social Gospel Movement. Tolerance of good and evil. Politics of Jesus, the Lord never came to change the governments or societies. He came to save sinners. Social Gospel has given us confusion. Common Ground wants all religions to join hands in peace. Tell a lie long enough and people start to believe it. I could go on about the buzz words. Just two key players. Bono just went to Ireland to help the Irish keep abortions legal. Rick Warren, ” Americas Pastor” calls the Pope “Holy Father”. Warren wants a “Second Reformation” of deeds instead of Doctrine. Working his way to heaven?What has happened to the elders in many of the local churches? Many people in the churches follow a Pastor not the Bible. How long can this go on? The Holy Father in Heaven is truly long suffering and patient, not wanting any to perish. Christ Jesus died for sinners. I thank God every day for my salvation. Satan is preparing us for the tyranny of one world government. If you are not saved trust The Lord Jesus today. John 3:16 For God so loved the world.

  3. JDV

    Others I’ve come across sometimes are courageous conversations (e.g. ‘we’ all have to acknowledge X, though the ‘we’ may be nebulous as may be the conclusion that follows), speaking truth to power, community engagement, hands and feet of the Lord, and so many others that too often have actual Gospel sharing at low or no priority.

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