1. Jeffry

    From the National Vaccine Information Center. The Washington D.C. Communist city council unanimously approves Bill in November 2020 to vaccinate D.C. school children as young as 11 years without parents knowledge or consent and will reveal nothing to the parents of vaccinated children. The D.C. Mayor refused to veto the Bill! Washington D.C.vaccine violates Federal Laws and Violates Informed Consent Rights. No Liability for those Satanic Doctors who Jab those children!!! The Main Stream Media Thugs hid this from most of the parents and public. Pray for these children and parents as to the outcome of this horrific situation. Our President, maybe in the next few days, may introduce a “Medical Marshall Law “ to vaccinate all Americans. Christians need to get down on their knees and pray for wisdom from our Heavenly Father and guide us as our world is turned upside down. For God so loved the World. Pray

  2. Jeffry

    Many of our schools are now defending the teaching of Marxism with their CRT lies. Now they are trying to hide it from us. The Critical Race Theory is a Government Sponsored Racism teaching hatred of the white race in our schools. Karl Marx would be very happy. Satanists run most of our schools. Is Home Schooling our only weapon? Truth in America is gone. The Main Stream Media lie s about truth whenever they open their mouth. Satanism is like a Roaring Lion that is ready to devour our schools, culture, government, family and God. Just one point about these vaccinations our Government is begging us to take. Bottom line, these vaccines may make us sick? Kill us? Transform us into something that Dr. Frankenstein created that is not human? Maybe become a synthetic entity? Satan is planning to eliminate God’s Creation and make his own creation of Zombies? Preach the gospel, all Christians, Preach the gospel. Kindly stand-up for our Savior The Lord Jesus Christ. Are we about to be called Home? Let not your heart be troubled. He’s Coming!!! Even so, Come Lord Jesus!!!!!

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