1. Is ‘Lighthousetrailresearch’ concerned about truth? Consistent with the stances in this article?

    If yes:

    – Any church, ministry, film or business where the ceos or producers have any friends or partners or staff that do not hold to the same spiritual and religious views must be avoided.

    – No film or sermon should be watched unless it uses the Biblical text verbatim. Or where the actors do not hold to strict protestant Christian beliefs. Or where the producers have any relationships that are ‘unequally yoked’

    – All films should be avoided as they have seductive ability. (Or is this only for ‘Christian’ films!?)

    – Any business, film, school or entity should be avoided if it uses marketing for people to find their service.

    – Ministries that desire to see many people come to Christ (revival), should be avoided & are part of the ‘deception’.

    – Movies have the ability to ‘walk the world and the church into a deadly trap’, does this mean God is not sovereign??

    Are people that come to faith in Jesus because of the Chosen saved? Is Jesus powerful enough to reveal Himself through this medium or only through the Bible / translation of LHT choosing?

    (Should Christians break fellowship with other believers who ‘indulge’ in watching the Chosen?)

    Where is the line: People who call Jesus ‘Jesus’ instead of ‘Yeshua’? Should we judge, criticise or break relationship with them too?

    Often theological differences can not be settled with 100% accuracy anyway, both sides supported by scripture.

    Jesus said that our *love* for each other will show the world that we are His.

    Is *love* what we are showing the world with derision, attacks and breaking of relationship? Or was Jesus speaking of unity despite differences, love of those who don’t hold to the same?

    None of us came to perfect theology in one sitting – at what level of ‘good’ theology do we need to reach before we are (a) saved and (b) able to share with others?

    Why use our time and energy to attack other believers while the world slips away into depression, addiction, delusion, suicide and ultimately, hell?

    “The scriptures are living and breathing, after studying for years it still speaks to me. If I had known that scene would be taken as pro LDS, I would have put a disclaimer. I want Mormons and Evangelicals to be very cautious and go to scripture. I don’t know what you guys in the LDS believe but, while there are nuances, we largely believe that Jesus as the son of God didn’t have a lot to learn.”

    – Dallas Jenkins

    Get with it Christian – if you *really* are His – start acting like it and spreading His Truth & love. Stop attacking brothers over inconsequential details – He is at work through ALL of our feeble attempts…

    So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.

    – 1 Corinthians 15:58

    Yours in Jesus / Yeshua,…

  2. Dear Constance C.,
    Your comments and logic about our critique of The Chosen do not make any sense. What we present IS documented straight from the source itself. It seems that someone, as yourself, who has a university and seminary education would appreciate that.

    You come across as very angry about our speaking of what we see as very valid and needed warnings to Christians. And the fact is, The Chosen is very influenced by Mormons, and if you would check out Derral Eves’* book The YouTube Formula, you would be able to see that.

    In addition, your comparing the situation of our criticisms of The Chosen to our small tea division is an extreme illogical strawman argument (an invalid type of debate that most universities and scholars would frown upon).

    Anyway, we wish you no ill harm and pray that you will seek out the truth according to Scripture and see if The Chosen does line up. If you would allow us to send you our booklet about The Chosen, we would be very happy to do that, or you can read it online here: https://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=34462.

    *Derral Eves is the Mormon Executive Producer and CEO of The Chosen.

  3. Constance

    With all due respect, you’re absolutely wrong, and bearing (in a documented way) false witness against a brother and his ministry. Maybe check up on what the word says about those practices, eh?
    The Chosen is NOT “produced” by Mormons. It is not influenced by Mormons or written or guided in any way by Mormons or Mormon teaching.
    The Chosen is an independent , crowd-sourced -sourced production. That means that anyone, or any organization, can invest in it and donate to its creation. For whatever the reason, the Mormon church saw fit to donate a ton of money to it, and bartered the use of their property for filming for the right to show it on their broadcast tv channel.
    That’s it.
    In doing a little checking, I see your parent or partner company is Shepherd’s Garden, home of the Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea line of products. I see that they receive their various tea leaves from China and Kenya. Must I now assume that you endorse the culture, conditions and human rights issues and leadership of those providers? Do they dictate how you run your company, write your blogs, etc? By your logic, they must.

    In looking further into the other offerings of “lighthouse trails research”, it becomes evident that it is an organization that fashions themselves after the Pharisees of scripture, making a living of judging and denouncing others and gatekeeping the faith. Its sad but true that there will always be that percentage of Christians who relish judging others and being purveyors of gossip and false witness, and you’ve found purpose in providing them fodder for their sinful attitudes.
    For shame.

  4. John Thibodeau

    Thank you – I had purchased the last 2 DVDs – I had reservations after watching the 2nd one where much did not correctly represent the gospels in Word of God by any degree. I have trashed the DVDs. I am asking God to forgive me. I am thanking God for the truth of His word and I will now rely on it alone.

    Kind Regards,


  5. KC

    Thank you for being watchmen on the wall and warning of deception.
    My sister, born-again and believes she has discernment, was raving about the wonderful production of the Chosen and began telling me of how Mary went off and fell into sin again, etc. I said, WHERE is that in the Bible? She got quiet. I said that is NOT in the Bible. and it is not known to be true, and it will deceive people and confuse them.
    However, she was so taken with the series that she has now decided to write a children’s book about “the ‘3’ Wise Men’s daughters”. I said, there were no wise men’s daughters in the Bible.
    Again, she was quiet. Obviously, the fact that the Chosen could take all kinds of fictitious liberties and mix them right into God’s truth had greatly influenced her thoughts.
    If this is what it can do to a raised in church believer, WHAT might it do to the new and non believers??

  6. Angeline Johannes

    Is it possible that Dallas Jenkins was chosen to be the face of Chosen to put a “happy evangelical face” on the series. An organization called “Rent an Evangelical” does exist.

  7. Cybda

    I, like many of my Christian friends, have really been enjoying The Chosen series , but in the last episode I think it was, when Jesus said, “I have come to start a revolution”, I was very bothered by that statement even though I could not and still cannot explain why. Sounds like dominionism to me. I believe the Bible says Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Also the world will grow worse and worse in last days.

  8. Hello Eddie,
    By reading just this one critique we wrote, perhaps you got the impression that we are more concerned about who paid for the production than what they produced. But actually that is not the case. We are definitely most concerned about the content and the influence that some of the producers and creators are having on the content. And as for this most recent article, it wasn’t we who made the false claims in the first place – it is The Chosen fellows when they came out with a recent media blitz saying that the series is “not produced by Mormons.” You see, rather than dealing honestly with the issue that some are concerned about, they are trying to cover things up and then vilify those who are challenging them.

    As for your second thought – who is glorified in the production – this is a legitimate question you have. What seems to be overlooked by so much of the church today is that the Bible warns about “false christs” and spiritual deception. And, also, we must remember that the apostle Paul warns about those who come preaching “another Jesus,” “another gospel,” and another spirit.” It is good for Christian believers to be Bereans and to be discerning. Of course, we are to do all things in a manner of love but we also must speak the truth.

    Lighthouse Trails is trying to put the obscured facts out there, and then each person must decide for him or herself what they believe. But surely, it is not wrong to question and challenge different movements that arise.

    Eddie, if you would like to better understand where we are coming from, we’d be happy to send you a couple booklets we publish (for free). If you would like them, please email us at editors@lighthousetrails.com.

  9. I find it interesting that you are more worried about the who paid for the production than what they produced.

    I wonder if Christians were as worried about Jews producing Ben Hur, King of Kings, etc., in the 50s and 60s as you are with this.

    I can only think of when the John, of all people, came to Jesus and said: “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told to stop, BECAUSE HE WAS NOT ONE OF US.” Mark 9:38

    And Jesus said to him: “Do not stop him”..Mark 9:39… “whoever is not against us is for us.” Mark9:40

    The real question should be, who is glorified in the production? Jesus, the Christian church, Jews or the Mormon church? If your focus is on anything but Jesus, YOU have the problem not the group producing “The Chosen.”

  10. Angeline Johannes

    The Chosen is deception in epic proportions! Thank you for exposing this false Jesus!

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