1. Elizabeth Bennett

    The mainline Protestant churches went liberal many yrs. ago. I meant the evangelical Protestant churches that in times past were biblical. The Methodist churches with the Wesley brothers started out biblical. I realize that a denomination does not prove you are born-again; only the Lord knows our heart.

  2. John J

    Elizabeth, eastern meditation and “Gnosticism” have been part of the “Protestant” movement for centuries. I’m sorry to be the bearer of “happy” news. The term “Protestant” is not an indication of being born-again; not at all. (No, I’m not saying there are not born-again people in “Protestant” institutions and clubs; I am saying it’s not a born-again term or a born-again requisite to be “protestant.”)

  3. 26 February 2020

    Hi Jen,

    I perfectly understand what you and other discerning believers are going through in regard to the rejection and misunderstanding that is directed our way by fellow Christians… I am extremely upset with some of the things going on at my small SBC church, and I am waiting on the LORD as what to do… For so many years I have been warning about the dangers of the Charismatic movement, RCC, and other false teachings, along with so much of what Lighthouse Trails has so faithfully revealed over the years, to no avail, or so it seems… BUT, God see the faithful love and obedience of His people who are standing up for His truth; and in the end “Whose Side Your On” is all that will matter! Christ or anti-Christ?

    As for me, I will continue, by the grace of God, to stand for my LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ, the One who God hath sent to this earth to show mankind the Truth and the Way that will lead to eternal Life in that glorious place that God has prepared for those who truly love Him and keep His Commandments!

    I will keep you all in my prayers!
    With the love of Christ,
    C. Read

  4. Jen

    Such an important book to have ‘on-hand’ as a reference to equip the saints. I say on hand and not in hand because it seems that practitioners of contemplative prayer have become quite addicted. A woman I knew for many years (from church and sister groups), had posted a book that she was reading by the shore and the clearly visible author was Richard Foster.

    With all sincerity, I messaged her and gently attempted to steer her towards your website for an in depth study of this practice! I didn’t preach, nag, or wag my finger just a nudge to research for herself. Without hesitation, her immediate response was “I love everything contemplative“. She then proceeded to block me from her social media sites and even to this day when I see her out casually in the stores in my town she avoids me.

    ‘Have I now become your enemy because I’m telling you the truth? “Galatians 4:6

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    It looks like Eastern meditation practices traveled West and infiltrated the R.C. Church ( the monks first) and has now entered the evangelical Protestant church
    disguised as something very spiritual and necessary. I am horrified by the lack of discernment on the part of pastors. How can they be so fooled and tricked into doing this? If you visit India and all those countries that practice this demonology you will see the devastation caused by these attempts to reach God. Lectio Divina does not give you the meaning that God intended. The Lord wants us to read and understand the whole chapter, not just one word. One word repeated over and over will not give you meaning. Are any pastors heeding our warnings?

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