1. CW

    I meant to say this earlier: I don’t see how President Trump could possibly be the Anti-Christ. Anyone who assumes that should read Revelation, which says the whole world will go after (follow) the AC, will be deceived by him, that he will be very popular. President Trump doesn’t fit that bill! 🙂

  2. Sandra Smith

    I agree with Pastor JD Farag, that we have passed a tipping point in America, and on God’s time table alike, for a revival here to be likely, in time. Rather, it seems likely, with the escalating pace at which prophecies are being fulfilled, and changes are being effected, we should be keeping an ear peeled for trumpets, while we “occupy ’til He comes”

  3. Sandra Smith

    The churches, by and large, have fallen away from preaching the Gospel; that’s been going on for decades, right in front of us. The real watchmen are few and pretty far between. Thank God for Lighthouse Trails and the few others who remain.

  4. Jeffry

    May all Christians pray for Lighthouse Trails for their preaching the true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and defending The truth of of Gods Holy Word. May God Bless all of you!!

  5. Jeffry

    I am thankful Bill said he did not think President Trump was the Antichrist and added who knows? The Bible tells us that the Rapture of the Church will come before the “falling away” of the false church on earth and the “man of sin” is revealed. Thank God we will be in Heaven! The book of the Revelation tells us that the deception of earth dwellers will be great. We see even today that Satan is hard at work. Covid-19, death of George Floyd by police officers, riots, how long was your place of worship closed? Criminals were let out of prisons. Confusion, deception? Christians we need to pray. The world is ready for judgement. Pray for the unsaved. Pray for our country. Pray for the world. Be strong in the Lord. Even so Come Lord Jesus.

  6. Bill P

    Amen. The enemy has done a great job infecting our nation’s churches, seminaries, schools, and government. I pray for a revival and for many of the left who might be saved. They call good evil and evil good but they are blind. They don’t really know what good is. I think their virtue signaling for help and don’t even know it. Lord please take the blinders off their hearts.

  7. NINA

    GODSPEED to You and to all believers in Our Savior Jesus Christ.Know God, know peace.No God,No Peace.

  8. Elizabeth Bennett

    If Christians had not voted in the last election Hillary would be President of the U.S. right now. Donald Trump is not persecuting Christians and conservatives; he is trying to hold on to what little we have left of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. He is not perfect or our savior; he is our Cyrus. We may be experiencing the last days of our precious nation. Americans must repent and return to the God of the Bible if they wish to see America continue as the land with the most freedoms in all the world. We must return to our first love–Jesus Christ. Thank you, Bill Randles for saying what is in my heart.

  9. Barbara

    Oh my I’m going thru this very issue. I was getting a lot of pushback and started questioning and praying about my own heart and GOD just answered me with this great article ~ thank you again
    Barb Rutherford

  10. CW

    If Black Lives Matter (and I agree they do, just as ALL lives matter), then why don’t the lives of …

    Black police officers
    Black Babies, who comprise 75% of all abortions in America
    and Black people who are killed by Black people …

    Why don’t THEIR lives matter? Where aren’t the protests about THEIR deaths?

    The double standard is Evil.

    True justice is not possible without True righteousness. The Lord showed me this while reading Isaiah.

  11. CW

    Pamela, Thank You for telling the truth about Marx! Yes, the same hatred for God and thus everything good which pervaded his thinking, his destructive ideology, is all too evident in the American Left today. I pray for the mercy of God on our land daily.

    I’m so thankful that He says in His Word (Lamentations 3), that His mercies are new every morning, His compassions, they fail not. Praise God!!! 🙂

  12. CW

    Yes! ALL pastors, preachers and teachers in Germany when Hitler came to power should have been truly God-fearing, Bible-believing pastors who fearlessly spoke the TRUTH, trusting God to take care of their souls and their congregations — and that alone would have given their congregations courage (those who knew the Lord) to do the right thing. I know the analogy is not perfect, but it is close enough. {shudder}

    IF all pastors, preachers and teachers in the USA were truly God-fearing and believed the Word of God as it is written, they would not have pandered to the evil which is embodied in the Left, for decades now. IF only ungodly unbelievers had done that, what a difference that could have made in our nation!

    A united front is vital in ANY battle, and the Lord Himself says we are in a real battle against evil. (Ephesians 6:10 and on)

    A man named Edmund ? [Burke] said something like “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

    The devil has already deceived the minds and hearts of unbelievers. Those who know the Lord MUST speak Truth. Christ Jesus said, “Occupy until I come.”

  13. Nancy Hannah

    Thank you for your left assessment. It is well explained and I will be sharing it with others. This is a position i can share with people of any political party affiliations. Very Biblical!

  14. Faith

    Yes! There is still a remnant preaching God’s Truth. As a born-again Christian who is also Black, my heart is grieving over the exploitation of the Black community in order to gain political power and even worse to destroy our great nation. Please know, we are not all blind. The Left is evil and will eventually triumph. Our only hope: The soon-returning Lord Jesus. Maranatha!

  15. charley

    Praise the the Lord Jesus Christ for speaking truth in this depraved and antichrist nation where people have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof where such turn away. All lives matter, not just one sect. In this lost culture discernment has fallen in the streets setting the stage for the antichrist to come. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  16. T. I. Miller

    Your words are the words of a shepherd guarding the flock as all good and faithful servants should.
    Conversely the faithless cowardly deeds of heirlings has many faces. It will range from saying and doing nothing. Some will speak of empty empathy for this political cult. Worst of all are the ones who condone it and join it.
    Those who are with us gather those who are against us scatter.

  17. Pamela Blott

    Leftism is based on a spirituality. Karl Marx, the father of Marxism and its ideological cousins, Communism, Socialism, and American Leftism, based his teachings on his spiritual faith. He was not an atheist, as so many think. He believed in God and hated Him. The proof is in the poems that he wrote in his youth, such as “Feelings,” “Invocation of One in Despair,” “The Fiddler,” and in his drama, “Oulanem.” These writings clearly reveal the spirituality behind the Left in this country. So a Christian pastor is well within his rightful role to preach against it.

  18. Jeffry

    I agree with many of your comments Brother. Leftism is godless. They hate our Savior and Christianity. The truth needs to be told. The B.L.M. Is very disturbing. Poor people in the cities are not getting help from Government funds. They are seeing their homes destroyed by riots. When the Lord saved me I lost all interest in politics. Maybe I’m wrong but I stopped voting because I was afraid of going against Gods will for President. You are a faithful Brother. Keep on keeping on.

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