1. Ronda Hamilton

    This is the stuff being through in churches, that we as Christians need to show the world that we are Christians. The world needs to see our works or character; as a friend said to me, how will the world know if you are Christian if you don’t help them out by feeding them (world). She wasn’t taking about spiritual food, she also said we need to become friends before sharing the gospel.

  2. T. I. Miller

    This is another effort to bridge the gap between Catholics and Protestants. Cant we all just along and set aside our creeds? That would be a NO.
    The whole thing from Ash Wednesday and 40 days of Lent flies in the face of Matt. 6: 1- Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is heaven.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    Born-again believers should not be borrowing from the R.C. practices, which are not biblical. In our family it is that simple. It is something similar to what the Pharisees might have done in Jesus’ time, just for show.

  4. Chris Spengler

    May all spirit filled, “born again” Christians be cautioned. This observance known as Lent is not in line with scripture, it is a man-made form of “self mortification, deprivation and abstinence” which denies the very power of the gospel and the essence of our Christ’s message. A little bit of lent can open the doors of deception. The enemy is like a prowling lion waiting for someone to devour.

  5. charley

    its a lie from satan lent nowhere in the bible, multitudes will also take the mark of the beast because they
    have another jesus another gospel. 2nd cor11-4 is a powerful verse.very sad the blind leading the blind
    to hell.

  6. John J

    Lent? It has nothing to do with being a born-again Christian. Dale Noland is right!
    Other uses for “Lent”? It rhymes with tent, rent, cent, meant, bent.
    Lent? Who thought that up?

  7. Dale Noland

    Oops! Couldn’t find “lent” in my Bible! Perhaps I’ll check the “message “ and get back to you. 🤪

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