1. T. I. Miller

    David as a shepherd is the true role model for all would be shepherds.
    The hireling who runs and leaves the flock unprotected is the role model of a ear tickling man pleaser.
    We have all seen images of predators tearing at the flesh of their next meal.
    These have no one to protect them.
    Not so with Davids flock.
    Letting predatory false teachers ravage your flock, is in no way an act of loving loyalty to God.

  2. Victor

    “have not been adequately addressed by today’s pastors and church leaders.” So True!

    After sharing at our church by invitation, and offending some by naming names, I was told by the ‘pastor’, “That’s not my style, I just teach the Word of God. At least one person never came back. You won’t be invited again.”

    What is shepherd to do? feed, water, protect and retrieve strays – not just feed, feed, feed. There has to be warnings.

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