1. CW

    This is just like the wedding/cake/flowers/photographs issue, in that these women could most likely go to another place for the same services. They just want to pick on Christians. T. I. Miller, I agree that it is very telling that they don’t do this with Muslims.

  2. Anna Rosa

    Elizabeth, Yes, there has been some flip flopping on that issue by Azusa. I think they did end on a good note after all but it’s hard to keep up with it all. I saw something on the site Rather Expose Them a few days back about them. Blessings. ( :

  3. T. I. Miller

    It is worth noting that no such lawsuits are filed against practicing Muslim. It is not just because of fear of violent reprisal. It is because the world loves its own. This is a fulfillment of John 15:18-19. Jesus said that we ought to be a gentle as doves but as wise as a serpent. Church s, para-church organizations and individual Christian businessmen and need to take steps to protect yourselves. The simplest thing is to prevail upon Federal Lawmakers to repeal the anti-Christian aspects in the 501C3 laws. Second Start legal proceeding to extricate themselves from being classified as such. In America from its founding, all Churches have always been tax exempt. They have been deceived into becoming un-equally yoked with Caesar, so to speak. In the bylaws it ought to say something about only performing marriages to members in good standing.

  4. Anna Rosa

    This is the time we are at the crossroads. The laws are leaning further away from Biblical Christianity all the time. This is making it about impossible to own a business and be loyal to Jesus at the same time. Sooner or later someone like that ‘couple’ will come along and sue the business owners and the law, sadly, is more and more on that side. Then the pressure is on to either choose to remain loyal to Jesus at great sacrifice, or cave towards mammon and the devil. The crossroads are here. Also, about the comment from Elizabeth, I heard otherwise about Azuza Pacific on that issue.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    Praise the Lord for Azuza Pacific’s stand on homosexuality and being faithful to biblical standards. They are very brave, considering that most other Christian colleges are allowing gay groups on campus. Founders of our Christian universities would be rolling over in their graves if they knew how far from the Bible colleges have strayed.

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