1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I live in a retirement community in CA. We have an interdenominational Bible study group every Wed., but we use only the Bible, not other books about the Bible. Using Jesus Calling only detracts from actual Bible reading. I am sure that after people read a page of Jesus Calling they do not bother to read the Bible, even though there are numerous scripture references at the bottom of the page. I try to read the entire Bible yearly (not The Message Bible.); three chapters in the a.m. and one chapter in the evening every day. Not only is the content of Jesus Calling not from God, but it is keeping Christians from reading the Bible themselves. Jesus Calling does not present the full gospel of Christ. It is a feel good book whose author, Sarah Young is not a born-again believer.

  2. 'grandma' Jeanne

    So glad we have those who are discerning. Let us not think they are being negative only. Nothing wrong with negative, either. Today we think only that to be positive is to be Godly…not so.

  3. Scott P

    Thank-you June for persisting in the face of opposition. With so many discouraging stories out there, I’m encouraged to know that there is at least one person in church leadership who is willing to listen. We need to persist in ‘sowing the seed’, whatever the outcome. The Bible study leader was humble, indicating that he was ‘good soil’, humble enough that he was more concerned with obeying the Word of God than with what other people might think. May we too be good Bereans and test everything according to Scripture. Scott P

  4. CW

    Anna Rosa, in your experience, what is the best way and place to look for a truly Biblical church which is led by a faithful pastor? I’ve seen house churches mentioned on here, but as far as I know, there aren’t any in this geographical area. Is that what you mean when you say underground churches?

  5. Anna Rosa

    Exactly Miller! For most of them it is also only a business. If they did not make enough and had to work for a living and give a sermon on Sunday too, they would drop the sheep in a flash! They are not true shepherds, only hirelings. And it is not that hard, I know some who did it and it was totally doable. And the 501c3 muzzles them on certain topics too, but they all get it even though it is not required. The good news? The underground church is doable too! But yes, I have seen it too that they are not humble, their egos have inflated and they think they are little tyrants. Not biblical!

  6. Lisa

    “It has also taught me to spend more time in God’s Word and less time reading what men/women have written about our Holy God.” Isn’t that the truth! Trust in God and not in man. And…test everything by the word of God.

  7. T. I. Miller

    Mat 24:24  For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.  As for book stores most owners are merchants and only pretend to have a ministry. As for pastors They can be reached. We must try but dont hold your your breath. As I have said before show me a truly humble pastor and I will show you my collection of hens teeth.

  8. Carol Burek

    Thx for truth in coming against this tidal wave of falsehood. I have spoken against contemplative authors and have endured ther rath of those caught in their web. I will share this again w/my friends.

  9. Anna Rosa

    I encounter that all the time. It’s typical. The only thing that isn’t is the letter, praise God for that! Yes, I marvel too at ‘seasoned saints’ and this passes right under their noses unawares and gets their thumbs up. I could tell stories here and it would be a book by itself. Anyway, we are to love God with all of our mind as well, something most overlook. It is like a time of testing.

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