1. I’d been getting calls from a number in Texas I did not know, so I wrote it off as spam. After getting 3 more calls I decided to answer. Sure enough, it was spam, and it was this outfit calling to promote the product. The lady wanted contact info for our church “decision makers”…being that I as worship pastor handle media at our small church I was who she was looking for. After hearing the pitch I asked for a web site to reference rather than provide further contact in-roads on a cold call. Their doctrine statement sounded good but came across as vague in certain areas. Thanks to this article I now know why: thank you!

  2. Chester Kulus

    Thank you for sharing this.

    We have been attending a church for about a year and I have recently come to realize that the leadership is quite lacking in discernment, supporting YWAM and promoting RightNow Media.

    We always knew the preaching was a little weak, but our kids had friends who went there. We were glad for that, and the doctrinal statement was in line, so we continued to attend.

    However, we first started questioning things when RNM contacted me at my business to try to sell their service to our company. When I inquired about a doctrinal statement, that shut the call down pretty quickly. I then wondered if my church had asked the same question!

    Shortly after this, my church had the local YWAM director come speak for some special meetings. After multiple false doctrines and mishandlings of Scripture, I expected to hear church leaders and members discussing what I saw as glaring issues. Instead, all they said was how wonderful the meetings were!

    We have a couple weeks now until we have fulfilled some ministry obligations, and we have already made contact with a solid, Bible-preaching church that is a little further away, which we had attended previously, and let the pastor there know of our circumstance and our intentions. He is familiar with these false doctrines and is glad to welcome us back.

    Praise the Lord for faithful men of God who still preach the truth and expose the error!

  3. I know this is old but our church is promoting Right Now Media and I didn’t realize there were so many false teachers there. Its so upsetting but I don’t dare say anything to leadership.

  4. Chris

    Thank you for this insightful piece. It has given me a lot to think about, especially at a time when Christianity is being packaged in pop culture with music, prosperity and self help messages with a flare of christianity but devoid of Biblical truth.

  5. Marie

    Has Rightnow Media stricken John MacArthur from their site? Can’t find his stuff now! Is it over backlash with Beth Moore? They need to look further into preachers they DO promote! So called “Christian pastors” are conforming to this world; afraid of the world and not the Word of God! Too much deception under the guise of “unity” and “Christian”

  6. D. Freund

    We visited a church yesterday (6/16/2019) for the first time. They promoted Rightnow Media. I’ve only seen it on some churches websites but this was the first time I heard it being promoted in church.
    We have been searching for a church home since moving last year but haven’t found one yet. We think “This one seems to be a good biblical one.” but then something pops up that isn’t on track. How are we supposed to find a home church that isn’t leaning toward “left of center” biblically?
    Thank you for sharing this letter and for helping us discern truth.

  7. Shantel

    The church I recently left began promoting their subscription to this website. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. It breaks my heart so many churches are being deceived.

  8. Joey

    Elizabeth Bennett said : Guest 7 days ago I was given Max Lucado;s Grace daily scripture readings and am puzzeled by his comment that we are increasingly Jesus. We can never become divine as Jesus was, and can never become totally sinless here on earth. Am I wrong to be troubled by his comment that we are increasingly Him? Joey says to Elizabeth: NO you are NOT WRONG to be troubled. Please do research on Max Lucado. He is not what he seems. Please do it right away. Praying for you and that you find this message! God bless you.

  9. CW

    L.S., thank you so much for sharing your story and what you’ve learned which is so significant and important to the Body of Christ today. I’m so sorry about your dad’s passing, and also grateful for how the Lord has been leading you. Thessalonians 2 contains a passage which refers to what is often called “the great apostasy” or “falling away”, and this part of that passage recently pulled me up short. It reminds me of the passage in Romans 1 which says the Lord will give disobedient, idolatrous people over to a reprobate mind: “9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. ” The seriousness of this passage has shown me how serious the situation in our nation really is. All of us who are born again, committed Christians need to be actively interceding. Thank God, His mercies are new every morning!

  10. Elizabeth Bennett

    I was given Max Lucado;s Grace daily scripture readings and am puzzeled by his comment that we are increasingly Jesus. We can never become divine as Jesus was, and can never become totally sinless here on earth. Am I wrong to be troubled by his comment that we are increasingly Him?

  11. T. I. Miller

    The old expression, ” Standing on the tracks and didn’t see the train a coming. ” comes to mind. The great delusion it would seem has been sent. So many pastors and churches are waist deep in this flood of heresy, yet stubbornly and willfully remain oblivious. If you think graduates from the Masters Seminary cannot be deceived you are greatly mistaken. They have no problem with the Message mis-translation. They have made official church membership the unwritten 6’th Sola. They elevate following the pastor above following the Master. Jesus warned that a little leaven corrupts the whole. some promote books by once solid teachers that have left the narrow path. They neither keep current with heretical trends nor will they denounce any of them from the pulpit. Like may other today I have become orphaned from church life. Pastors no longer act as humble meek shepherds but rather as iron fisted CEO’s. What they really cannot abide is anyone who is well studied who will not kneel down and kiss their ring.

  12. Tracy

    I am thankful for people, like the author, who are diligently searching the Scriptures and providing a warning ministry to others locally and through websites like Lighthouse Trails Research. This is something all Christians should be doing! The time we have should be utilized well in proclaiming the true Gospel!

  13. Susan Witt

    This letter to the Editor is very well written, and the warning is crucial. Regarding the current state of the church and the influx of Catholic doctrine; Lighthouse Trails has very worthy resources on this subject to warn those you love and care about – including Roger Oakland’s book, ‘Another Jesus?’ his booklet ‘The New Evangelization From Rome…’ and David Dombrowski’s booklet ‘My Journey Out Of Catholicism’.

  14. Anne Berkowitz

    Thank you so much for bringing this warning forth! I had never heard of this media outlet until now. Sorry for the loss of your Dad. There are no words.

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