1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I thank the Lord that Sharon was able to see danger when it appeared and is warning others. As in the times of Jeremiah the prophet, few there be who listen and obey warnings; there is always a small remnant that heeds warnings and does not follow the pack. May the Lord preserve us from evil teachings.

  2. Rose

    I thank God for the discernment and courage, decision and steadfastness you have had to engage the culture and found it wanting. The Bible is our authority and the body at large *the church* has lost its bearings. Easier to go with wanting to impress, look relevant, new speak and require the scripture to adhere to our new church style instead of we as Gods people adhere to it. The remnant grows smaller every day. Stay the course and do not doubt that Gods word is worthy of our faithfulness. He wasnt so popular so have no illusions we, you will not either.. These words i desire to hear on that glorious day “enter in good and faith servant”. God Bless you all.

  3. Vicki

    So glad for your discernment and courage to teach other women in your church about all the deception I filtrating most churches. I research all the women speakers and authors of books, as well as the false preachers. I don’t think I’m liked very much in our church because many of the women know how I feel about their videos and conferences held in our church. We are planning to leave at some point but have nowhere to go. Sad.

  4. Lisa

    Great job Sharon!! I’m glad you didn’t get caught up in all the wrong teachings but clung to what is right 🙂 The Bible study you prepared sounds really wonderful, I hope you will be able to start it soon.

  5. Jerialice

    Thank you for this….I’m dealing with the same things…I’m a musician who doesn’t fit in the church or the commercial music biz. I’m slowly getting some places to play and sing my songs. The Lord keeps giving me the message that those with ears will hear. Not so many of us now. 🙌🏼

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