1. Anna Rosa

    Yes, I find it funny that they emphasize ‘grace’ all the time, but it is the furthest thing from God’s grace! The same applies to the term ‘reformed’ as if it had anything to do with the Reformation, when it is more Catholic than anything else as I saw after reading Dave Hunt’s book on it. I’m glad people are coming out of this trap and needless suffering. Jesus wants our joy to be full; “Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.” John 16; 24

  2. Susan

    Dear Nina, your letter made me feel so sad. We can identify with some of it. If you need help to get over your experiences then may you find that. But read the gospels again. See the simplicity of the gospel message. Look at those in Acts who ‘believed’. Comprehend from the beginning of Genesis that it is ‘by faith’. That is what pleases God. A person who hears/reads what he says and simply says ‘that is true’ and trusts in that. Reach out and share the gospel with someone. I like to use the book The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus or another good book that show the plan of redemption from Creation to Christ. As you share this message with others it will thrill you too. My husband is teaching a young man every day and yesterday they were in to John ch 3. Every day I listen and rejoice at this great salvation. Yes there are those who reject, or those who seem to go on well for a while. But nothing wrong with the message of the death burial and resurrection of Christ. For our sins. That whoever believes in him will not be lost but have everlasting life. It is good seed.

  3. charles

    my son has embraced this and does not associate with anyone but his calvinist friends he closes his door and reads and prays all day till it is time for him to have dinner, is very unsociable he always was with his father and his mother, he wants nothing to do with unsaved family members there is no humilty but yet he goes preaching on the streets with his ministry. my wife and i are sad yet he said he is doing the lords work yet is in the reformed theology and embraces the teaching of john mccarthur. we are sad please pray for us

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