1. Shelli

    What first came into my mind is to read the passages in the Bible about being deceived. Take head. Be aware. So many warnings in the Bible you can not ignore. Then present your case with other materials.

  2. T. I. Miller

    Pastor is mentioned 1 time in the NT. The Greek is POIMEN which in every other case is correctly translated SHEPHERD. What is the single mission of the shepherd? Along with the Apostle the Prophet and the Evangelist they are to teach doctrine/apologetics/doctrine apologetics/doctrine/apologetics and doctrine, period. The reason why is summed up in verse 14. So that what is happening today in churches and seminaries and book stores and mass media could NOT ever deceive any of Christs sheep. Deception is tossing the sheep to and fro because “pastors” have abdicated their primary mission. They have defied this command from God with impunity and cowardice. Teachers will be judged more harshly, and that is why. Do your job right or get out and take a job in the secular world. Because if you think you are getting a crown for allowing the sheep to be ravaged by the wolves you are sadly mistaken.

  3. Anna Rosa

    Yes, I tried to start a home bible study where I live too, but no takers. Sadly, all are too content in their apostate churches. I am currently reading through Dave Hunt’s book, “What Love Is This,” and it is a masterpiece! He does such an excellent job on refuting the false teachings of Calvinism, there is no way around it, you have to be willfully blind not to see it. I highly recommend that book for all believers, it’s just good knowledge to have. Keep up the good ministries brethren! ( :

  4. Nathan

    Elizabeth, I would like to also highly recommend ANYTHING by Jacob Prasch or Dave Hunt. Given your situation I suggest you start with Jacob Prasch’s books “Grain for the Famine” and “More Grain for the Famine”. The books focus on theological nutrition during the great apostasy. His books on amazon are expensive for some reason. Purchase directly from his website: https://shop.moriel.org/ Dave Hunt’s books can be found on amazon or at https://thebereancall.com/ Both Jacob Prasch and Dave Hunt have hundreds of videos on YouTube as well should you need to go the free route. Unfortunately, I see your path as a growing and urgent necessity in these last hours. Stocking up on Grain for the Famine is vital. Praying for you and your family sister. See you both on the other side! Fellow Soldier in Christ, Nathan

  5. Guy Tabish

    Our fellowship posts our Studysheets online for people who are ouside of commuting range and are hungry for sound Biblical teaching. Here is a link if anyone would find this usefull. https://thechurchwhereyoulive.wordpress.com/blog/ I left a Church that quoted Eugene Peterson and promoted Beth Moore. Im so happy that I found The Church were you live . We arre very small but we are very caurefull to be Biblically accurate on what is taught.

  6. Byron K

    I pray you have success in this study. I used to attend a Free Methodist church years ago but when they, and their bishops, started taking on characteristics of the United Methodist denomination I left it. They used to be a great little holiness denomination but have drifted. You can still find good FM churches but they are becoming a rarity. God bless your efforts and keep up the faith!

  7. T. I. Miller

    One does not have to be a moral hypocrite to be a religious Pharisee. One does not have teach one thing and practice another to be religious Pharisee. Simply refusing heed godly council is all that it takes. Are the majority of pastors theological Pharisees? Are they guilty of bringing heresy into the church for the sake of church growth? Beware, for teachers WILL be judged more HARSHLY. Best to humble yourself and receive godly council now than to receive a rebuke from Jesus on the day of judgment. Every pastor should have this verse on their desk, “Do not think more highly of yourself than you ought”.

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