1. Tim Whelly

    Seems the SBC is the good ole boy network and only those who have mega churches get to be the president.

  2. Rita Chamberlin

    This is a reply to the April 17, 2019, 6:19 AM comment by Susan. The references from The Westminster Confession of Faith are Romans1:24, 26, 28, Deuteronomy 29:4, Matthew 13:12, Deuteronomy 2:30, Psalm 91;11-12, Exodus7:3, and 1 Timothy 4:10.

  3. Heidi Lavoie

    I picked up my copy of “Occult Invasion” by Dave Hunt today and read the following, quote: “The ecumenical tide has reached irresistible proportions. The Pope’s 1986 gathering for prayer at Assisi, where he welcomed snake worshipers, fire worshipers, spiritists, animists, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and shamans, was supported and attended by representatives of the World Council of Churches and even evangelicals. Represented there were the YWCA and YMCA, the Mennonite World Conference, the Baptist World Alliance (which includes the Southern Baptist Convention), the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, and the Lutheran World Federation.” (end quote). taken from pg. 548, Chapter 25 entitled “A.D. 2000: Millenial Madness”.

  4. Just a few questions to those who might know:

    Can any member in good standing from a SBC church be nominated to be the president of the Southern Baptist Convention?

    And is there a Godly man out there within the SBC Churches who is truly led by the Holy Spirit, willing to take on that position and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ, and stand for the truth, and against the lies that are being perpetrated in the name of Christ?

    Maybe Mr. T. Jamison–the one whose “little flame” may kindle an inferno? At least that is my hope!

    Please think about these words from the LORD:

    Luke 12:49 “I Am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?

    Luke 12:50 But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished!

    Luke 12:51 Suppose ye that I Am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:”

    God’s people cannot stay on the fence any longer! As that passage further delineates, it will cause divisions among family members, including church families, but our allegiance to God must be first and foremost!

    You all at Lighthouse Trails and your visitors are in my prayers! May God’s will be done!

    With the love of Christ,
    C. Read

  5. CW

    John J, when the cathedral at Notre Dame was burning, I also thought of Al Mohler and also those grotesque gargoyles. It is a cultural icon, yes, but it NOT a true church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Catholics in France were singing to Mary as it was burning. But the Bible is ultra clear that Christians are not supposed to pray to her, not to exalt her, not to ask her to intercede for us. Catholics put her in the place of the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is nothing but blasphemy!

  6. CW

    Scientology is completely demonic, though not as open about it like satan worship is. I have read several nonfiction books about it, written by people who were in it and then left. I don’t think they realized it was demonic; I don’t think they had that level of understanding. Sadly, they actually thought that it “got bad” when L. Ron Hubbard died and the current leader took over. They don’t realize it was evil from the start. Christians need to intercede for them.

  7. CW

    NOTE: I should have been clear that I was a minor when those things were happening in the SBC at its seminaries, did not know about that at the time, and I left it as soon as I grew up and left home.

  8. Heidi Lavoie

    The Reformed church has its roots in Roman Catholicism. I was raised in the Lutheran Church. Its the same thing. Just a slightly altered form of Roman Catholicism. It is apostate at the root, so now all of the “reformed Catholic denominations are on their way back to Rome, the mother church, via the road called “mysticism and ecumenical compromise”.

  9. John J

    And I agree with LTRP. Calvinism/Reformed ‘theology’ has mystical roots that will shock and astound you as if you were going down the rabbit hole with whatshername. There is nothing good about Calvinism; it’s as Susan has pointed out above, as clear as a bell. It’s darkness with a name.

    The reaction of the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Al Mohler, on the partial burning/destruction of the Catholic icon, the Notre Dame “place of worship,” flaunted his Calvinist stripes to everyone who was not sure. (Get up and run, people!).

    Anyway, this was the “wisdom” Mohler shared on this “tragedy” (remember, it is just a building, erected by men, and aren’t those revolting gargoyles in this “Christian” monument simply so charming?): “Indeed, the Protestant Reformers themselves would have mourned the loss of this great cathedral—a symbol of the Christianity they sought to reform.”

    Wow, what nonsense. I can’t think of any other response.

  10. Susan

    While for sure liberal comments come from many sectors, for those saying calvinism is not to blame for Greear’s remarks I disagree. Here is a section from chapter 5 of the 1689 confession of faith. And certainly implies that God causes people to be the way they are and so they cannot help themselves:-
    “6) As for those wicked and ungodly men
    whom God, as the righteous judge, for
    former sin doth blind and harden; from
    them he not only withholdeth his grace,
    whereby they might have been enlightened
    in their understanding, and wrought upon
    their hearts; but sometimes also
    withdraweth the gifts which they had, and
    exposeth them to such objects as their
    corruption makes occasion of sin;
    and withal, gives them over to their own lusts,
    the temptations of the world, and the power
    of Satan, whereby it comes to pass that
    they harden themselves, under those
    means which God useth for the softening of
    Such sad thinking that binds many at their very roots.

  11. Heidi Lavoie

    With respect to “the vast majority of reformed churches not being caught up in this new age malarkey”, this is simply not true. I am well acquainted with two lovely people who attend a Christian Reformed church in my area and I have seen publications from that church denomination which are completely compromised with the new spirituality. It appears more subtly, but it is there. I also attended a funeral around the year 2000 at another reformed church in my city and looked carefully at their church statement of beliefs, and it was all basically the compromised new age view couched in language that the average person would not suspect or discern it. We have a charity, Bibles for Missions, which we also saw compromise with the ecumenical spirit that has invaded everything. This mission is largely run by the reformed churches in our area and they now recently dropped the word “Bibles” from their name, calling it only generically “a Mission”. Therefore I too definitely disagree with T.I. Miller on this issue. I see in all places and all mainline churches regardless of denomination, this declension setting in. The reformed churches are all involved ecumenically with every other church in my area, and have been since the 1990’s, eg., partnering with them doing VBS’s in the summer. And just last year, a large conference for youth was held in London, Ontario spearheaded by the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and all the churches, Reformed included, plus the Christian high school, (which is largely Christian Reformed) participated in this event. I saw a promotion leaflet for this at the home of my friends who are reformed, and it smacked of contemplative spirituality being the front and center focus. So sorry, the Reformed churches are not exempt from the apostasy. Not by a long shot.

  12. CW

    I attended an SBC church many years ago, when its seminaries were shockingly liberal (even having atheists as professors!), before those who did not hold to the Holy Bible as their standard of Truth left and formed the CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) which has, as far as I know, always held to “liberal” (unBiblical) beliefs.

    It is very sad to see that those who once professed to believe the Holy Bible to be their sole authority for Truth and Godly living are now falling for this lie. Is there a mass exodus now from the SBC? If not, there should be — churches, pastors, individual believers. 2 Corinthians 6: “Come out from her, and be separate.”

    Does anyone know if Charles Stanley and others who have made Biblical profession of faith have given any statement regarding this turn of events? I realize that Stanley has made some compromises himself. Are there any Bible-believing leaders left in the SBC?

  13. T. I. Miller

    My mind chooses to uses logic not emotions when ex-aiming everything. The rules of logic studies the laws of cause and effect. For every effect there is a corresponding cause. Further we must not bear false witness. It is more than fair and accurate to blame Calvinism for a great many other things.
    The vast and over whelming majority of churches that have embraced anti-biblical new age lies are also very much anti Calvinist. The vast majority of Reformed churches are not caught up in this new age malarkey. Calvinism in and of itself cannot be the cause or the sole cause of this wretched movement.
    It is more accurate to trace this to unbiblical meditations taken from the eastern religions and blended into Catholicism primarily. Secondarily to the desperate seeker friendly, friendly with the world, ecumenical movement.

  14. charles

    1st tim 4-1 now the spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving
    heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils;
    speaking lies and hypocrisy;having there conscience
    seared with a hot iron. this describes this man i believe
    this sodomy will continue to explode in a great majority
    of churches and if you stand against this abomination
    you will be persecuted be prepared.

  15. Tom Modica

    I disagree with this statement; ” Greear’s Calvinistic outlook of God has dramatically tainted his views, and because he is in a position of great influence, these distorted views will affect many.]” I think his problem is not whether he believes in election, but his problem would be does he view the Bible as the final authority!

  16. To Lighthouse Trails Editors:

    Thank you for highlighting this very important issue! I would like to note that it was reported by “The Baptist Press” that J. D. Greear is to be nominated for a second term as noted below:

    “BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP) — North Carolina pastor J.D. Greear will be nominated for a second term as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Pennsylvania pastor K. Marshall Williams announced today (April 12).

    “In these troublesome and turbulent times, we need a pastor-preacher-prophet that will stand in the gap and lead with confident, consistent, convictional, Christo-centric, courageous courtesy,” Williams, pastor of Nazarene Baptist Church in Philadelphia, wrote in a statement announcing his intent to nominate Greear at the June 11-12 SBC annual meeting in Birmingham, Ala…”

    I would like to clarify that the “message” mentioned above “that highlights my views on this important issue that could very well be the catalyst that brings down the SBC,” was in reference to my article entitled, “What if You Are Wrong?” along with the supporting documentation, which did include Mr. Jamison’s opinion piece from “The Baptist Record,” dated 28 February 2019.

    I find it interesting that you would post my “letter” on the anniversary of the momentous event when the RMS Titanic sank in the early morning of 15 April 1912 in the North Atlantic Ocean, four days into the ship’s maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City.

    Had those in charge of this once-great ship realized the danger they were in, and the dire consequences of ignoring the warnings, they could have spared the lives of so many innocent people from such a horrible and untimely death. (The exact number of lives reportedly lost in the Titanic tragedy varies, but between 1,635 and 1,490 souls died on that unforgettable night, and only 705 were spared.)

    This horrifying tragedy could have been circumvented had those in charge of this so-called unsinkable ship heeded the many warnings, but the sin of pride prevented them from even hearing the truth! And it is the same in our day! God has been warning His people through ministries like LightHouse Trails, but they just will not listen! And sadly, so many unsuspecting souls do not even realize the great danger they are in!

    But just as the many men, women, and children perished in the icy waters on that early April morning, so too will many be lost in the pits of hell, because they failed to heed the many warnings, especially the final warning!

    May this “once-great” ministry of the SBC and its churches be turned around before it is too late!

    C. Read

  17. william j power

    Yes they are doing the Spiritual Formation. The head of the program at Grand Canyon University was from this Southern Baptist Seminary. Spiritual formation being pushed as “Biblical Doctrine” program. Also teaching that all prophecy has already been fulfilled. Nonsense and obviously rotten fruit proving it so.

  18. Ken

    While I appreciate greatly this article, it does not go far enough. Clearly Greear is a non-believer, false Christian, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is judging fruit, which we are commanded to do by Jesus. So many once good ministries are being destroyed by appointing wolves. Remember, in the book of Acts, even the deacons, chosen to help the widows, were spiritual men. Greear would not qualify for anything until he is first saved.

  19. Lillia

    Well Dr. Greear is wrong!
    Homosexuality is a sin, people did choose it, no they were not ‘born that way’ (science refutes that), we are to judge it as a sin just as any other sin, and all sin is done by choice and freewill, not compulsion just because the tendency and temptation is present. We are doing what God asks and expects of us to judge this sin. There are no ‘gay’ Christians, one must repent of that sin. The power to do so is in Jesus when we turn to Him.
    He is just another ‘change agent’ trying to mud sling true Christians who take the Biblical stand, and trying to corrupt the church into apostasy so that all denominations cave to this sin just like the German churches caved to nazism. There is nothing ‘loving’ about accepting sin instead of calling people to repentance and salvation for their souls! It is unloving not to call them to that.
    Folks, the churches have turned to apostasy. Trying to get them to repent now is like trying to turn the Titanic around. “Come out of her, my people!”

  20. Elizabeth Bennett

    I believe most Southern Baptist churches are doing the Spiritual Formation, Spiritual disciplines practices, correct me if I am wrong. My son, a missionary in Spain tells me that emergent churches have more incidences of sexual sins (adultery, fornication, etc.) so it is not surprising that views on homosexuality and transgenderism would eventually become more liberal. This is very sad. I graduated from a Southern Baptist College in the 60’s and am so alarmed at what has happened. Satan is alive and well!

  21. John J

    Well spotted, LTRP! I picked it up in the opening paragraph already; thankfully, you did too: “[LTRP Note: It should be pointed out that J.D. Greear is an emergent-type Calvinist (Calvinists call such neo-Calvinists). ”

    There is the answer, the anti-biblical Calvinism, and may I add that the SBC is a man-made institution that is really not worth being involved in–it is obvious they think for their followers and churches. Herr Calvin and Herr Luther’s way of thinking and doing.

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