1. Further to my comment above, look at any issue of Mars’ Hill, the TWU student newspaper: https://www.marshillnewspaper.com/archive

    Glance at any issue, and I dare you to find anything distinctively Christian.

    As an example of the apostasy to be found in any issue is in the October 6, 2021 issue: https://issuu.com/marshillonline/docs/mh_v26_i02_1_

    Go to page 12, and you’ll find an article promoting animism.

    The arts and culture editor (2020-21) and managing editor (2021-22) of Mars’ Hill was one Carter Sawatzky, a drag queen who occupies several letters on the alphabet pervert spectrum, and is appearing with “gay Christian” Greg Coles at a Preston Sprinkle-hosted conference: https://disntr.com/2023/11/28/proof-that-preston-sprinkle-is-a-lying-deceptive-wolf-in-sheeps-clothing/

    If TWU were actually Christian, characters like this would have been kept out, and Mars’ Hill wouldn’t be allowed to be published.

  2. You are spot on in what you are saying Walter. Unfortunately, there is very little warning from most of the pulpits in the church in North America. And since the pastors don’t warn, parents think all is well. So they send their kids to the schools where their faith is destroyed because they weren’t prepared or equipped.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    I received a request for money from Biola today to help students get scholarships. I wrote back today and told them why I no longer have faith in this university to prepare Christians to face the world and do God’s will and defend the faith of our fathers. I am waiting for a reply. The last straw was a discovery online that Biola has a same-sex attraction club on campus.

  4. Walter H. Morgan

    It is a sad commentary on the spiritual state of the schools, but what about the spiritual state of the “churches” these students are coming from? Why haven’t they (and in particular, their parents), been taught discernment, and apologetics? Why were they not distinctly taught about the lies of the enemy, and who to retain the victory which is ours, in the Messiah?

    I just shake my head when I see the outright LIES being taught in “churches”, and the lack of teaching the TRUTH of The Word of God.

    But God said that this is exactly what would happen. But shame on those who let it happen.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    I recommend students attend a city college or trade school. My granddaughter did that, joined the Army for med training (she is an army medic). You save a lot of money and heartache. Good Christian colleges are rare in the U.S.; there are about 12 that do not have spiritual formation and progressive agendas. So sad to see what has happened to Biola, Westmont, Prairie, Bob Jones, etc.

  6. Back in the 1980s, Herbert Schlossberg was quoted as saying that the real mission field was the evengelical colleges, which had largely lost the idea of confronting the world, and instead had largely accommodated it.

    I’ve been saying for years that doctrinal statements are often useless; there are many churches, schools, and evangelical organizations that have good-looking statements of faith, but they don’t follow them in practice.

    If you want to know how “Christian” an “evangelical” college is, don’t look at its statement of faith; look at the student newspaper and blogs. They’re often full of apostasy, and it’s an indication of the school’s apostasy that they even allow such content to be published.

  7. T. I. Miller

    Paul publicly criticized Peter over his Kosher diet hypocrisy.
    A little leaven corrupts the whole lump.
    Today’s monetized pastors are afraid to confront blatant heresy.

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