1. Christiebiscuts

    It is the same way my husband and I it seems to have permiated all churches or at least the ones we have looked at. I miss the fellowship and teaching but I refuse to be lead astray. Will be passing this on, thank you for the article. We ARE in the last days, look up and keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Blessings.

  2. A. Wright

    I feel sick after reading this article – I was an involved member of CMA (Canada) for 17 years, and have friends and family who are still members. Years ago, Dr. Cook (former Head) wrote a book warning churches of the “Slippery Slope” – sadly he was right! My present Charismatic Church has begun classes on the Alpha course. I did object privately to the pastor, but they went ahead anyway. Their hearts are compassionate but there is little solid teaching. I am not the only one who is searching for a Berean – type church. Some have given up and don’t go to any church anymore. Have been told many times that I must NOT judge other Christians!

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