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  1. Jeffry

    Sadly, Wheaton College like many other “so-called” Christian Schools that teach the Bible and mans Delusional opinion, which is the New Age Apostasy. College’s like some church Denominations have been infiltrated by unsaved teachers sent to them by Satan. Critical Race Theory is Government Sponsored Racism. It is Marxism. The Communist Karl Marx wanted all Communist takeover of countries to start Race wars in that country. He wanted violence and death. He wanted cities destroyed, burned to the ground. Like Antifa and BLM that helped destroy some American cities last year and are still a problem today. Karl Marx would then say rewrite the history books of that nation. Marxism hates Christianity. Dear Christians are we awake yet? Thank God some churches are helping to stop C.R.T. From getting into our schools. C.R.T. Is one of many lies Satanists have started. We live in dangerous days. We all need to read and study The Word of God and be Gospel minded. Also gather and pray, our most important weapon. God still does answer prayer.

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