1. Sharon Pledger

    Please continue to be STRONG & COURAGEOUS in the Lord as you speak the truth in love…your boldness will hopefully encourage others to stand up to these false teachings spreading like wildfire…I received an urgent prayer request this past weekend from a friend who was visiting family in small town Saskatchewan, Canada…a neighbor had come over and asked for prayer for an immigrant European family whose daughter is wanting to transgender at 12. The guidance counselor had gone to every room in the school and told teachers that this girl would now have to be refereed to by the boys name she had chosen…all without the parents knowledge…the girl wet home and on the weekend took a bottle of Tylenol…had to go by Star air ambulance to Saskatoon..by the time the parents drove up to Saskatoon a Social Worker had admitted the girl under the male first name that she had told the teacher she now wanted to be addressed as…when the girls father protested the Social Worker told him ‘YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT HIS DESIRE TO TRANSITION OR HE WILL BE PUT INTO FOSTER CARE AND YOU WILL BE PROHIBITED FROM SEEING HIM.” ….wow I can’t believe this is happening sooooo very close to home, a you hear about it i other places but this is unbelievable. WAKE UP PEOPLE WERE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS….children are ruling over their parents in many ways. Please pray fro this child ad her parents who are devastated…they came to Canada to have a better life and now have to deal with this nonsense.

    Sharon Pledger

  2. David


    How your letter both saddens my heart at the same time it leaps with joy that you are such a strong witness to Chester and beyond. If we don’t all stand for the Truth, as do you, where will people ever hear the Truth and be eternally saved? Not from the Church. Take courage and continue your calling. Or prayers are with you. Thank you for your testimony.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    UK charismatics are also joining hands with the Vatican; not a good thing. Jesus last words were not for unity, as they claim. Luke 12: 51-52 says, Suppose you that I have come to bring peace on earth? I tell you Nay, but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against and two and two against three. All people will have to make a decision to follow Christ or to reject him.

  4. John J

    Surely, the LGBT community is going to run out of letters soon. They’ve already run out of commonsense.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    Even the Pope has said to gays, God made you that way. Sodom and Gomorrah in the UK and elsewhere. So horrific and destructive to young lives. I weep for our young people. Many regret their gay or transgender life later. But where there is repentance there is forgiveness from our merciful Lord. Repentance is the key word.

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