1. Chris

    Very well said, Kathryn! We hope JD Greear repents and soon. He is playing in satan’ sandbox.

  2. John

    Please post both the specific Bible passages and the names of the “new versions” that you state “were changed to accommodate Islam’s view on Jesus not being the sin of God”. Thank you.

  3. These are some awesome comments.
    I’m am 100% convinced that the main Calvinist leaders know exactly what they are doing and will lead their flock to the one world religion and into hell.

    I always tell Muslims: The Bible contains multiple eye witness accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All of the apostles, save Judas, went to the ends of the earth to be violently persecuted and often murder for the God they saw arise from the dead. If he didn’t rise from the dead, with the marks of the cross on his body, they would have all bailed and gone back to fishing, but to a man, they travelled from Ethiopia to Armenia to India.
    The testimony of the Muslim Jesus, aka Isa? 600 years after the death of Jesus a spirit appears to Mohammed in a cave and tells him Judas was in the cross and Jesus was just a prophet.
    I’m going with multiple, contemporaneous eye witness accounts – plus I know I needed God to pay the full debt of my sin. My deeds and religious acts for God could never ever be enough.

    PS- new Bible versions were changed to accommodate Islam’s view on Jesus not being the sin of God. Outrageous.

  4. Kathryn

    JDGreear, president of the SBC, did a huge disservice to the Church by dialoguing with Omar Suleiman. He brought confusion to those Christians who don’t use God given discernment by testing the spirits. Pastor Greear was essentially apologizing for our insensitivity to the ‘plight’ of Muslims in America, because they are a minority. White privilege was mentioned. Article 9 of last summer’s SBC was horrible, and yet it was passed by the messengers at the conference, ( that was Intersectionality and Critical Race Theory). I am writing as a Baptist believer. Christians everywhere need to repent of our sins and speak up when false teachings infiltrate the pulpit. Calvinism is being taught and embraced in at least three of the Baptist seminaries. I believe this Neighborly Faith movement is an outgrowth of wayward doctrine. Can you imagine Elijah being touchy-feely with the false prophets of Baal?

  5. John J

    That was my point. Jesus is Savior, God, crucified, resurrected. What is Isa? Nothing. According to “their” fake theology, Isa was some prophet and not God. Light has nothing to do with darkness.

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    I believe some missionary organizations are omitting Son of God from the Arabic translations. Muslims say God has no sons. This missionary to the Muslims also goes to the mosque and worships with them. I think this is wrong. He is a missionary sent out by an EVF church. I was wearing a Jewish star once at a reception for this missionary couple and the couple was horrified. One evening at a service this missionary wife said that she tells Muslims that Jesus was their cousin, that Jesus was an Arab just like them. This happened many yrs. ago.

  7. CW

    The name of *their* Jesus is Isa — and in their faith, he was just a prophet, not as great a prophet as Muhammad.

    IOW, their Jesus is *another* Jesus, not the true Son of God. This is the very thing the deceived people mentioned above need to know! Lord, have mercy.

  8. T. I. Miller

    I don’t believe that Rick Warren is a Calvinist, yet his PEACE plan, among other things, is the major engine for building bridges to non biblical faiths inside and outside of Christianity.

    In the past there was a befriend homosexuals movement. That ended up convincing way to many Christians that homosexuality should be embraced not shunned. Look at the fruit of that tree years later.

    Far to many folks rely on and trust in emotions rather than solid biblical doctrinal truths. Barna surveys of Christians reveal that huge numbers don’t even qualify as milk drinking babies. Whatever pastors are serving up from the pulpits, it is devoid of meat.

  9. Elizabeth Bennett

    Many yrs. ago I read that Allah was the moon god of the pagans. Mohammad’s family was in charge of caring for this god, that is why he decided that Allah should be the one god to worship. Allah is not our god; we do not worship the same god.

  10. Dale Noland

    I asked an imam if he really believed that we worship the same God. He said “yes!”
    I said “I am worshiping Jesus Christ, is that the God you are worshiping?”
    He answered “we are not worshiping the same God”.

  11. John J

    Believe it or not, in 2003, a Protestant, Calvinist pastor told me to my face that Christians and Muslims have the very same “god.”
    “Oh,” I said, “and what’s the name of their Jesus?”
    I did not understand, he said to me. He had done a doctorate on the topic, after all.
    “Oh,” I said, “and what’s the name of their Jesus?”

    Birds of a feather deceive together.

  12. M

    I have been encouraged with the last few articles discussing and warning about the fall of the SBC and its associated entities.

    Thank you for starting to talk about the SBC, Calvinism (and neo-Calvinism,) The Gospel Coalition, Islamic Interfaith Dialogue, etc…!!!

    It is interesting to me as I have watched this over the last several years, it seems apparent that it is Calvinism that seems the be the thread that plays a role in “sewing” these ideas and people together.

    Also, the promotion and merging together of all these ideologies through the MANY campaigns and conferences is a natural extension of Lighthouse Trails original warnings re: the many authors promoting Contemplative Prayer (and all its forms) making inroads into the church.

    These subversive efforts to bring in the “Third Way” is beginning to separate the remnant church versus the culturally relevant world church. Be prepared, Brethren, to stand alone with THE Word of Truth.


    Allah is certainly NOT the Creator God of the Universe, the one who told Moses that His(God’s) only name is “ I AM” . ALLAH, who through his Prophet Mohammed , DEMANDS Conversion OR Death, or a lesser penalty of becoming a Slave to Islam and paying a Tax, – IS NOT the God of Love and Redemption- John 3: 16-17; also refer to John 8:42 -47). The TRUE God – God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, IS the ONLY ONE who “came into this World” to Provide REDEMPTION and Eternal LIFE for Mankind , NOT SLAVERY and DEATH.

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