1. Carol

    As I read these comments, I’m reminded of a friend who had accepted Christ, became a follower and a weekly Bible study student in the early days of my conversion. She was avid about knowkedge, read everything, including the Bible, and was apparently obsessed with knowing everything. Ultimately, I had to take her to the mental hospital due to her inability to take care of her children and home. This event occurred immediately after she received divorce papers. She was diagnosed with bi-polar (chemical imbalance) issues, which causes great anxiety and fear. She was hospitalized several times during her lifetime. Evidently her physical condition, along with her incessant desire for knowledge, became her destruction. Eventually, she died. I believe that her initial conversion, prior to her illness, was genuine. Although I cannot say how the illness affected her faith in Christ, I do believe that our desire for knowledge can lead a Christian on a road to perdition. The love of knowledge can puff us up and distract us from the love of the truth, which is in Christ Jesus. Paul knew much, yet, he chose to know nothing but Jesus, and Him crucified. Everything we need is in Christ. Today, the church is obsessed with knowing, and unfortunately desires to appear knowledgeable and intelligent. Sadly, little of the Bible is consistently taught, but teaches the newest principles and ideas of the next new author. I’m not saying that we should not use our intellect, but we should seek wisdom, examine our motives for seeking information, and most of all, seek to know Christ, the power of His resurrection, the fellowship of His sufferings and seek to be conformed to His image. All else is vanity.

  2. pilgrim

    When you start listening to men rather then God, or spend your time going down rabbit holes in search of ” hidden truths” you end up shipwrecked.

  3. Vicki

    I hope there are some good ideas for the person who wrote in asking for help with the friend who has gotten into some very weird ideas from the internet. (body double stuff, etc). I have a relative, her husband and also another friend all headed down similar paths. How do you answer someone who keeps hearing and believing such weird things? These are never Biblical but they don’t seem to realize it, and when their ideas prove out false, there’s always an excuse and another weird idea that is “coming soon”. I struggle to understand how such otherwise intelligent people can buy into such obvious falsehoods but I care deeply and want to help them get out of this nonsense.


    “Mary 2”

  4. Kevin

    Just as there is a falling away from our faith, don’t be surprised that when Antichrist comes he will deceive even believers that are born again. Our job is to continue to set seeds everywhere we go and live a Godly Spirit filled life as an example to those who are lost.

  5. Frank Schlernitzauer

    Paul said it best:
    1 Corinthians 2:2
    King James Version
    2 For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.

    Everything else is but a distraction from Q Anon, to Alex Jones to whatever, they are all distractions that will lead them who follow hard after them to dead End.

  6. Linda Johnson

    There are conspiracies, just as there are other lies. Ultimately, all lies originate with the devil, who manipulates us, by our sin natures, to lie, and to believe lies. People conspire to accomplish things they could not accomplish with the truth. Churchill said that the truth never goes out, “save with a bodyguard of lies.” That bodyguard of lies can be deliberately planted disinformation, or they can be spun out of our desire to believe wishful thinking. Bad things can satisfy wishful thinking when they seem to validate what we have noticed about the world, and the devil is always ready for us to believe a lie instead of the truth. Lies are often non sequiturs: the conclusions arrived at often do not follow from the evidence, but there will be that urging to accept false conclusions, basically because that’s what the devil can use, to herd you into even more destructive lies. Like a con artist, he uses a few facts and suspicions to validate a whole false paradigm, ultimately leading to gnostic conclusions against God. Enemies of God have sown these gnostic lies, to use reasonable suspicions during a difficult time, as leverage to pry open our faith and replace it with lies. Q-anon conspiracy theories both subsume all questions under their banner, and lead the spiritually gullible into lies against Jesus Christ. No born again believer would believe that Jesus was the tempter of Adam and Eve Genesis. We know his voice, and we know He is not the enemy.

  7. Duncan Allen

    1 Peter 5:8. Can there really be any question but that the devil is wreaking havoc, especially within the confines of what in these end times passes for Christianity? The adversary likes to focus on believers and destroy them.

  8. NL

    I am currently dealing with this as well! A family that used to know biblical truths started down this path of conspiracy theories. Now they don’t know what to believe, and have extremely twisted views of scriptural truth. He even believes that this eastern mystic can teach him how to ascend into heaven where he believes Mohamed, Moses, Jesus, and Vishnu will meet him. Some of the beliefs he tells me are so bizarre that I don’t even know how to respond anymore. They have since left the church because we promote the vaccine (The ones that don’t contain aborted fetal cells), which they believe will cause their daughters to menstrate early as some plot by globalist pedophiles. I don’t even know how to respond. I just pray for them. :'(

  9. Cindy

    If I may. Pastor J.D. Farag has the absolute BEST prophecy update about Q-Anon as he quotes what Q-Anon says and then gives Scripture. He shows how Q is from the pit of hell. If anyone wants to find truth, I HIGHLY recommend his update. Go to JDFarag.org and click on prophecy updates and search for his July 19, 2020 update. I so pray that this helps someone. Cindy

  10. Rocco Carile

    This is truly tragic but you really have to wonder if this christian of many years has truly been born again as the Spirit of God is the Truth abiding in a believer and would have kept them. The things this man now believes is not something a redeemed and renewed mind would give themselves over to.

  11. Nancy Hannah

    I too have good friends who are involved in this ‘knowing movement’ (Qanon and etc) is this a form of Gnosticism ? They are always in fear of what man can do (chemtrails, gmos, government etc ) and trying to rescue themselves, rather than trusting in Our Fathers care through the Holy Spirit. I’m not sure they are saved; they claim they are but their fruit is very poor. I pray with and for them but I fear they will die from fright, especially their 20 year old daughter who now is physically sick from POTS, she is bed ridden, and I cannot even to get her motivated to enjoy sitting in the sun!! (MY adult children have POTS and lead productive, joyful lives). I don’t know to do as well and this ‘spirit seems to guide their fears and pulling them from knowing Christ, I like to give them Light but they do not seem to respond to scripture.

  12. Daniel C Thornhill

    Paul warned about this in his first letter to Timothy. The community of believers in Ephesus were being pulled into a similar situation (1 Timothy 1). Whatever the exact details of the situation was – believers were pre-occupied with with ideas & discussions which led to meaningless speculation and diverted them off of their focus on Christ. Paul instructed Timothy to stay in Ephesus and confront this situation. He then states that the purpose of his instruction is so that believers – first and foremost – would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience & a sincere faith. The patriotic, nationalist movement we see happening today is much the same flavor as the problem in Ephesus. These things in and of themselves are not bad, but when they take our focus away from the gospel message to a more “urgent” and “imminent” message it becomes a serious obstacle to people knowing the love of God. If we are in a state of fear & anxiety ourselves we become weak messengers. Our battle is not against flesh & blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. We are no longer citizens of this earth but foreign ambassadors of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Our motivation and focus should be on the love of Christ poured out on all mankind as the nation states are actively being consolidated and rearranged by the god of this world. Fear cannot rule us. It must be the love of Christ, a pure heart, a clear conscience, and genuine faith.

  13. Jeffry

    Sadly, your friend is asking very dangerous questions. He questions whether the Serpent in Genesis 3 could actually be the Lord Jesus? Satan rules as “ the god of this age “ (2 Corinthians 4:4 ) . It is the only age that is called “ evil “. ( Galatians 1:4) John tells us “…. the whole world lieth in wickedness ( 1st John 5:19 ) or “ the whole world is lulled to sleep in the arms of the wicked one”. The language implies complacency, not a struggle to escape. The lie that first deceived Eve, “ yea hath God said?” Ask your friend if he believes Gods Holy word. “Hath God said”. Kindly ask him when he became a “born again” Christian. He thinks Reincarnation might be true? Tell him the Lord Jesus taught “From the beginning of the creation God made them male and female “ ( Mark 10:6 ) Tell him the beginning of the creation was not a protozoan that by “Natural Selection “ through millions of years became man, but man was from the beginning. The Apostles believed that Adam was the first man ( 1st Corinthians 15:45 ). Your friend needs our prayers. Pray he will trust God’s word..

  14. Heidi Lavoie

    I have a family member who also has very disturbing views on the Bible, history and many other things. I have had in depth conversations with him now for over two years and have found that he has studied secret societies for over twenty years and I believe in his studying he was led astray because of delving deeply into rank occult literature. There is also a lot of resistance to the truth and to the Gospel when I present it to him. There is a great deal of confusion and occult bondage here. Hence the resistance to the truth. It takes prayer and as the Lord leads, fasting for such a person.

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