1. Linda

    Could someone tell me what NAR is ? Years ago someone at our church was loaning out the Harbinger book. I also could not read it. I heard Jonathan Cahn talking on Glenn Beck last week. As I listened, I kept saying to myself, where is he getting this , that he speaks of ? It sounds very , One world Religion to me. I’m amazed that Christian’s today don’t have more discernment than this. I have a lot of friends in the Charismatic movement. Hard core people. They will not listen to anything someone says against that denomination!

  2. Mike Evans

    THE RETURN was really an NAR event. Prominent (false) apostles and prophets from this charismatic movement were there such as Cindy Jacobs, David Herzog and the promoter of heretics, Sid Roth. . . Cahn appears alongside NAR false prophets because he is one of their breed. This was one more step towards mainstreaming this counterfeit movement which has invaded evangelicalism and even the governments of America (NAR people are often in the White House via Paula White) and Australia (PM Scott Morrison was mentored by Apostle Brian Houston and speaks in NAR churches and events)

  3. CW

    P.S. I am familiar with Galatians 1:6-9 and am in complete agreement with you about the warning in that passage.

  4. CW

    I truly appreciate your concern, Grady. I am not a follower of Jonathan Cahn; I do not follow any of his teachings.

    Have you read the book The Paradigm? In it he addresses the severe spiritual failings of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel in the OT and compares them (with direct examples) to the Clintons. This is something the Lord had shown me years before, when the Clintons were in power, when Bill was prez.

    As I said, I could not read The Harbinger, nor have I read any of his other books. I am fully aware that Cahn is just a man. My trust is not in any man, only in the Lord Himself.

    God Bless You! 🙂

  5. Jeffry

    Jonathan Cahn’s biggest problem is his “alter of unity” among all of the denominations. Documentation of his numbers/statistics are not given in his books which means he did not prove what he was saying was the truth. This is bothersome. I do not see a Covenant with America that he tried to prove. I do see a pandemic going on now in the world that is fake. I do see lockdowns that are destroying the middle class. I do see the main steam media lying about almost everything. I see hatred about Christianity. I see a New World Order trying to take away our freedoms. As the Lord Jesus told us, The end of days will be like the days of Noah before the flood. Are you saved?

  6. Robert Scarpati

    There are a multitude of things I can say about Jonathan Chan; let me just make one point now. One of the things that was true about true prophets of God in the Bible was their opposition to false prophets. If Jonathan Cahn calling America to repent wouldn’t a foundational part of his call to repentance involve calling the church to repent to avoid false teachers? But he appeared on the show of Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn (please pray for Hinn to truly repent) and other questionable people including those who have been involved with the NAR. Can you picture the prophet, Jeremiah going on Kenneth Copeland show and calling him brother? This is a joke. Yet, it’s not a joke because Jonathan Cahn has widespread popularity now. How can we take his call to repentance seriously when he works with false teachers?

  7. Micky Phillips

    There is something much deeper to Cahn’s agenda than has been addressed here. I understand neither Lighthouse Trails nor many of your subscribers want to look into these issues, but Cahn’s books are a Blueprint for the Masonic and kabbalistic NWO. If you know about these things, then you can easily spot the clues in all of Cahn’s books.

  8. Grady

    CW, I caution you to prayerfully read Gal 1: 6-9. Cahn is a false teacher who beguiles those who look to him for spiritual guidance

  9. CW

    I tried to read The Harbinger (the original book) when it first came out, but couldn’t. However, several years later, I saw Jonathan Cahn on TV talking about his book The Paradigm, and knew I had to read it — because everything he was saying about it, was what the Lord had been speaking to me during my prayer time as I read through the Bible, for several years. (I did not buy the book but was able to check it out through a local library.)

    The Paradigm was not like The Harbinger to me — it was truly a blessing to me. The Lord confirmed a number of things and also explained something to me which I had never understood about a serious life-changing event in my life years ago.

    I watched the Prayer March event and also The Return. I honestly saw MUCH MORE call for prayer and repentance of sin during The Return than I did during the other event.

    All of this is just my view and my experience, of course. My hope and trust is in the LORD alone, in His Word. I know I am 100% dependent on His Holy Spirit to lead me through every moment and every hour of every day. As He says in His Word — “It’s not by might, it’s not by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD.”

  10. Heidi Lavoie

    Thank you for posting this letter. I had read all the Berean Call articles years ago on this issue of Cahn and the false parallels he draws between America and Israel. This is perilous and beguiling deception to say the least and it is being led and dominated by the NAR/Dominionists who are leading fake christianity into the one world religion. The enemy cleverly uses the current events and the desire to see things “turn around”, in America to ensnare unsuspecting christians into this delusion.

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