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  1. Val Lee

    I might add, Carl Lentz, Justin Bieber’s mentor, does not have a problem dressing like a gay man when he preaches, though he is married. He welcomes people to the gates of hell. From Christian News: “Photos of Lentz with the soon-shirtless Bieber slamming shots together at a bar have been circulating online—the latest among a number of controversies involving Hillsong NYC, which also raised eyebrows last year after its youth leader appeared as the “naked cowboy” during a women’s conference.” Ladies were dancing sexy and sleazy. And there have been posted photos, some very questionable, of the two, including one photo with Lentz shirtless, exposing some of his private area and Bieber in very short shorts—it is most disgusting and vile! We must remember, the Scriptures command us not to allow false teachers in the church. These are those who add and subtract from the Bible, perverting its teachings. The book of Jude warns us not to allow licentiousness into any fellowship. Licentiousness removes morally upright laws and this includes a call for modest dress. Please watch these bold street preachers exposing Hillsong:

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