1. Jaana

    It is sad to see so many christians brainwashed by this delusion. The media propaganda is horrific – this is solved by not watching TV!! To date in my country Australia has 898 deathes due to covid, in that same time frame 39800 other deaths occurred as well. If you watch tv or listen to the radio you would think every second person ahd the disease yet less than 1% of our population has. This is also true globally. Covid has only affected under 1% of the population. Yet the media propaganda machine magnifies this out of proportions. At no stage have our hospitals been overflowing with covid patients. What they are overflowing with is vaccine injured patients, many of whom will never live a healthy life again. Strokes, tremors, heart attacks…..the list goes on. These are not reported and to do so as a nurse places me at risk of losing my registration to practice – i have already lost my job due to declining these experimental meds. What this has taught me is that God desires in these last days to find Himself a people that will rely on Him and Him only as their provider, defender, healer and deliver. Stay strong and vaccine free!

  2. Angel

    I believe the majority of people in my church congregation are vaccinated because they hold our Pastor in such high regard that they follow him without question. To this day we are required to wear masks during services and sit with 2-3 chairs between each other. I do have a very Christ centered Pastor who loves Jesus with all his heart mind and soul. He preaches the centrality of Jesus. He lives a fasted life and is always interceding for us so it leaves me with the big confusing question as to why, if the Lord always reveals Himself to my Pastor, does the Lord not reveal the lies about Covid and the dangers of the vaccine to him. How is it that he does not or will not listen to all the data out there on the truth about Covid and vaccines! There is no acknowledgement or talk about how this appears to be used as converting us into the one world system. Our church is even a host place where the public can get their Covid shots monthly. When our Pastor talks about the Covid shots, he says he’s not pushing it; however, his words seem to want to leave guilt and shame for not caring about others if we won’t take the shot. I pray for wisdom over him and all of us.

  3. J. Parry

    Some thoughts:

    I am NOT against inoculations in general but have had COVID (thankfully mild) so should be at least partly immune. There is no evidence that I could spread it to others.

    The jab is NOT the “Mark of the Beast”, but IS almost certainly being used as part of the setup that will eventually usher in the Antichrist. The pandemic has affected the whole world and also given an excuse for mass control of populations. The powers that be are suppressing research that doesn’t fit the narrative, manipulating the evidence (easy to do with statistics) or even downright lying. In some places “Anti-vaxers” are being treated as criminals.

    The C-19 RNA vaccinations are made by modifying the virus spike protein, the part that triggers immune response. Like the virus itself it mainly attacks the lining of the blood system, especially in lungs, heart, kidneys and digestive system. This is used to force body cells to produce many copies of itself. It is a completely new technique that, in spite of assurances otherwise, seems to have increased risk of blood clots and/or anaphylactic shock where the body’s own reaction to infection actually endangers life.

    It seems likely that those like myself with autoimmune conditions are more likely to get such a reaction. There has been no proper research on this group of patients yet (probably not until 2023).

    Double jabbed and younger people still get infected, often severely – perhaps worse than the unvaccinated.

  4. Michael Evans

    An admission has come from the CDC stating that the unvaccinated are NOT a Covid threat to anyone. Nor those who have recovered from Covid but have not taken the vaccine.

    I have brainwashed friends who will no longer see me face to face as I am unvaxxed. As some have said above, the opposite is in fact the case. We are at risk from the vaxxed, whose bodies are producing spike proteins in huge numbers. But I see this as a way of causing division, victimisation and hindering believers from witnessing.
    I highly recommend this series from this ministry :


  5. Jeffry

    Been sick. I’m back. Millions of Doctors are Dying all over the world that took these killer vaccines. Remember, Satan and his demonic followers own the news media. The truth is not getting out!!! Stop vaccinating the children!!!!!! Our military force in America has lost over 200,000 soldiers to sicknesses!!! Our Government is ready to turn over America to Satan and his animals. Over 2million illegals have brought sickness and death to our boarders!!! Are we praying Christians or shopping for Christmas??? Pray dear Christians Pray now for wisdom and help from Heaven. Even so come Lord Jesus!!!

  6. Nancy

    Also be aware some covid deaths are due to the hospitals protocol. The medicines and ventilation are not helpful and actually may increase the chance of dying. Use of
    Vitamin regimen, ivermectin and nebulizers, etc which works for covid are discouraged and even forbidden. Global tyranny is in the works

  7. Nancy

    The vaccinated are also carriers of Covid. Don’t get vaccinated to protect your loved one it won’t work. My son and his wife got vaccinated to protect themselves and their daughters and their daughters came down with the virus shortly after. It’s all a lie the vaccinated are spreaders. Also, a teacher we know got vaccinated, then his children came down with COVID and the unvaccinated children in their class were told to go home and quarantine 2wks, but the vaccinated, including this teacher-allowed to stay on in school. This is insane! Also we know of many vaccinated who have died thereafter, even of covid

  8. Elizabeth Bennett

    Here in the U.S. most people getting Covid or the Delta Variant were fully vaccinated; the vaccine does not work. I weep when I remember all the Americans, young and old who have been permanently injured by the vaccines. Aborted baby material was used in all the vaccines. An Israeli doctor calls the vaccines the poison death shot (Dr. Zelenko). With all the deaths of young and old and the permanent injuries you would think the vaccine programs would be stopped. But there is a leftist agenda at work here; they do not care who dies or is maimed. I refuse to be vaccinated.

  9. Alex

    At Stephanie: Everyone should do their research, as the current vaccines (aka: medical therapies) all three (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) have aborted baby cell lines in either the design and development, and/or production As a Born-again, Bible-believing, Christian, in good conscience it is difficult to take something that came from aborted baby cell lines. Remember, we cannot have something from nothing, so the argument that these cells are not the same as the original aborted baby’s cells is not a logical argument. You can read about this in Charlotte Lozier Institute, as well as, from the public health departments of Los Angeles, North Dakota and Louisiana.

  10. Jeff

    The Friday before Memorial Day of this year vcyamerica has a program called crosstalk. Crosstalk played a clip where Anthony faucci said back In January 2017 that there would be a sars outbreak during president trumps term.

  11. Stephanie

    Remember you aren’t considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks past your 2nd shot. Also please prayerfully consider the vaccine. Especially if you are overweight, have diabetes, are middle age or older. I prayed ALOT about it and for me the answer was yes. I know 4 people who have died from covid. Maybe if vaccinated they would have lived. Currently my 8 year old son has covid. Just wanted to share my thoughts. I appreciate your ministry.

  12. Crystal Johnson

    Fortunately I have no TV!! and I think one of the best things we can do is stop listening to the official narrative! It crowds our minds and makes us fearful….
    Here in the UK the psychologists used on the SAGE committee, making important decisions, have admitted that their means to terrify the public were unethical! Imagine! They admit it and there is no accountability whatsoever! Now we are seeing the results in our young children of the fear put onto them 🙁 however, God is not mocked, as we know, and we shall reap what we sow. May God have mercy on us! Btw, I had Covid in July and took 2 Lateral Flow tests just to see what the results would be and they proved negative! Pah!

  13. Glenda Kreiman

    After two ER visits and three days in the hospital for displaying stroke like symptoms, my husband was released with a dx of toxic metabolic encephalopathy. He was given only his regular meds and one bag of fluid about half way through his stay. When he was allowed to be up on his own I took him home and started researching. Encephalopathy is on the top of the lists of symptoms for covid, shots and on sights that acknowledge shedding. Since he had not had covid or the shots, shedding is left. I later had a chat with a medical biller from the hospital in which he was admitted and she said shedding exists but can’t be used as a cause due to no coding available. Therefore it will not be found on lists of shot cons. They are simply burying that information. We started him on Zstacks and he has made great progress.l

  14. Jen

    Sharon: Great investigation and you found the answer! Numbers are being manipulated in order to instill FEAR. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

    If one cares to jump into the rabbit hole of proper and well documented information, be prepared because it’s dark and twisted, filled with greed. To quote Buddy the Elf, ‘you sit on a throne of lies’. The Who’s of the You’s is a long list. The Bible tells of strong delusions… the virus itself is real, yes, but how it has been used to control globally is mind boggling. God bless you Sharon for your sound mind.

  15. Lisa

    My stepdaughter is a nurse at a hospital and she’s been doing covid treatment with patients coming in that test positive. She told me among many other nurses that I personally know, that it started out 50/50, being non-vaccinated and vaccinated, now it’s up to mostly all vaccinated are coming in testing positive. This tells me two things… That the so-called shot does not work and they are still spreading it.

  16. Joy Douglas

    I was the COVID resource nurse for our three rural hospital clinics for 2020,
    I had major exposures along with the Vid very early on.
    The clinic Manager refused to “waste a test” (their words), on me because I wasn’t deathly ill. When they finally did waste a test, it was 2 months later when I was symptom free on the day when test was due to expire. My test was negative.
    On of my Patient’s entire sick family was diagnosed with the Vid by their symptoms. One of the parents spent 4 days in the ICU and after being out for two weeks had a relapse. That parent’s Vid test was negative despite the “broken glass” lung CT.
    Last October, I changed jobs to a smaller clinic where I continued to be the Vid resource nurse in addition to my regular duties.
    I’ve seen the adverse reactions first hand from vaxes.
    I’ve seen the employees come to work sick (including providers) for weeks after receiving their vaxes.
    None of the Providers were reporting Patient’s reactions, including their own.
    During the second round of the VID, I saw at least an equal amount vaxed people being sick compared to the unvaxed. Our Blue state ER isn’t treating anyone if their Oxygen Saturation’s is above 88%. You have to be at death’s door and then they aren’t using the monoclonal therapies. Our ER isn’t even giving out ZPAKS.
    When the Governor’s mandate came out in August, I moved to a detox center. None of the 5 nurses I work with got the Vax. Of the 5, only two, including myself, are Believers.

  17. Terri

    Unfortunately right from the beginning the stats and definitions were slewed and did not stack up with the official figures on the ONS.
    A covid death was someone who tested positive by a test (that doesn’t actually detect a live virus) within 28 days. So if you had been killed in a car accident but had tested positive previously you were counted as a Covid death. We knew of an elderly lady who fell down the stairs and broke her hip. She went in negative and came out the next day positive. She was not ill at all. She was found dead the next morning. She was declared a covid death. There are many such stories. The PCR tests are not made to detect a virus but when amplified enough (far more than was recommended) they can detect anything you want., probably life on Mars if you wanted it to. Apparently they are great when used by forensics to identify DNA: the virus is not in your DNA by the way.
    There is so much I have researched and investigated that I could not condense it into a manageable amount. It’s really shocking and frightening. What’s going on is not right.

  18. Roger Souden

    Like Sharon, we too appreciate LTR, are also Grandparents, and are also concerned about the manipulation of data figures. We have researched and prayed about this for some months now, partly for our own understanding because we have health issues, mostly as Bereans.
    Thankfully, others around the world are also questioning and voicing their concern and findings, including professionals (Doctors and Scientists) – however we need to discern between those who have genuine voices of concern and those who are just rebellious.
    We also found that the ‘definition of unvaccinated’ to be misleading – as is the definition of ‘died WITH Covid, or died OF Covid’.
    Here in New Zealand we find that many are just ‘conforming’ without question, and without searching for themselves – we continue to seek wisdom and direction from God as to how we share our concern and findings with others.
    Thank you for publishing this concern.
    In the love of Lord Jesus our risen Messiah,

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