1. Jeffry

    D.L. Moody would be very sad if he were alive today. False teachers of Satan have infiltrated most seminary’s and Bible schools around the world. Calvinism has been growing, Why?people do not read the Bible, they are ignorant of Gods word. To many of them see church as some sort of club. How can anyone want to crucify Christ again and again every week at the mass? The Lord Jesus is coming for us soon. Maybe today?

  2. Steven Schock

    ? We are to be Bereans, Paul commended them for searching Scripture to see if his teachings were of God, and LTR has done an EXCELLENT job of this, with a gentle spirit…Paul also talked of defending the faith once and for all delivered to the saints, which, again, LTR has done an OUTSTANDING job…what are you talking about, honestly?

  3. Steven Schock

    Amen agree with everything you said; I was delivered from the New Age doctrines of demons, and now they are being embraced by nearly all pastors and ministries

  4. Lynne

    Present day churches are described in the last book of the Bible. You can read precisely the apostacy that they represent. It is so important to know God’s word and ask for discernment. There is a remnant of believers who have had their eyes opened to truth. Is it possible to find an assembly of true believers today? After searching for almost 3 years we found this tiny, nondenominational country church. I thank the Lord everyday for this blessing. I am thanking our Lord today for Lighthouse Trails and all your discernment. Bless you all, Lynne

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    I continue to be dismayed by the total ignorance of those who would want to unite with the R. Catholic Church. They need to read its dismal history throughout hundreds of yrs. The same goes for Ignatius Loyola, who was not a godly man. The Pope did not want to grant Loyola permission to start the Jesuit order, but Loyola then promised loyalty to the Pope and to Mary. The Jesuits have a long history of intrigue and violence, including murder of the opposition. People now seem to think Loyola was a saint. Spiritual Formation is not of the Lord. My father and my grandfather on my mother’s side left the R. Catholic Church. They did not feel that they were going to Heaven in that religion. They could see the corruption. So many universities and churches are being fooled by this evil. Very sad and appalling.

  6. John J

    Who shall we follow? Paul? Moody’s Bible Institute? Neither! Paul said to follow his example, not to follow him; people get that wrong. What was Paul’s example? Follow Christ alone. There: done, dusted, delivered, understood.

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