1. Goel

    I may be a bit late getting involved with a reply but this is what is truly happening. Yes, Lord Jesus Christ says there will be tribulation in this life as this Covid scare has blinded the minds of all including believers. Ask yourselves these questions: has the CDC ever produced a micro-graph showing the actual isolated and observed virus? If most face masks can protect against particles up to 300 microns and the virus is 125 microns in maximum size, what is the mask doing for you? If the virus is real, why do you have to be tested to know you have it? Why are the symptoms the exact same as the common flu but no one ever complained about the deaths in previous years? Did you know that radiation (5/6G) poisoning shows almost the same symptoms as the flu? If the vaccine now available cannot prevent transmission and offers no protection from an infection, why would you want to roll up your sleeves to be a lab rat? This is an mRNA vaccine that has the potential to alter a person’s DNA forever. When was the last time this happened in Biblical times? Does Genesis 6 ring a bell?
    I believe we are now living at a time when things will start to become worse as Jesus Christ stated in Matthew. Although a “new year” is just around the corner, the times will become worse and persecution of Christians will only become worse on a global scale unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.
    My brothers and sisters, this is the time to look for the narrow path to life eternal.
    God Bless Us All.

  2. Jeffry

    Covid 19- 19th mutation of this virus. Looking for a vaccine? Really? Children wearing masks back to schools. Really? Breathing your own CO2 all day will make you sick. Many Doctors calling this a Hoax. Who do we trust? Ask the Lord for help! He will guide our path. Pray for wisdom now.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    Maybe I am wrong, but I saw a report that military who got the flu vaccine were the ones getting the Wuhan virus. This is scary. I do not get the flu vaccine; do not trust it. If am mistaken let me know. Fauci pronounced in 2018 that there would be a pandemic soon. How did he know?

  4. kat

    This is Bible Prophecy right before our eyes. We shouldn’t be surprised at all about what’s going on now. God’s Word says that perilous times would come. But….. our blessed hope ( the rapture) , is very very iminent . We could be raptured away at any moment. All the puzzles and players are in place. NWO is up and running now. Poof !!! And we’re out of here !!!! Hallelujah !!! Maranatha !!!!!

  5. Zoe S

    Following on from the mention of Bill Gates (wife Melinda is a Jesuit of the short robe) and Dr Fauci (a Jesuit educated physician) here is something else interesting. In 2013 a document was released by the Deutscher Bundestag (German Federal Parliament). It is a risk analysis assessment with respect of the protection of citizens in response to catastrophes and pandemics. It is an eerie blueprint for exactly what is happening in the world today with the Covid-19 virus. It presents the scenario of a SARs-like virus coming out of Asia in the month of January and then affecting Europe and the US.

    In fact, the Covid scenario is, so far, following this official governmental analytic document to a T. If things continue on this path there will be a worldwide lockdown lasting up to THREE YEARS, as specified in the Report! This fascinated me, because I have read many reports saying exactly this. Here is just one of them. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/14/coronavirus-distancing-continue-until-2022-lockdown-pandemic

  6. Robert L

    Dr. Anthony Fauci and BIll Gates are so deeply imbedded in the WHO and NIH that it is impossible to place our trust in either of their public statements. The WHO in particular has a long history of an agenda to de-populate the Earth. Gates donates billions, and Fauci is our own National Advisor on issues of public health, even more than the Surgeon General. There is evidence of Fauci’s involvement in developing, and predicting a pendemic for this year from three years ago in 2017. If you have had a Flu Shot in the last 10 years, you will like test positive for CORVID-19. Do not depend only on the mainstream media for information about current events. There are plenty of other good reliable and professional resources available. The Corona virus is real and quite dangerous, but never before has the public been quarantined in their homes to protect them. We always used to quarantine those infected with a disease. Everything with CORVID-19 is backwards from accepted methods of containing contagious diseases. Fauci and the WHO, NIH, and the CDC do not have our best interests at heart.

  7. CW

    Yes, I know those other meds are being used, especially the Z-pack. I mentioned hydroxychloroquine because that’s the one the Left is screeching about.

    Several people, including a Democrat lawmaker from Michigan, say that the hydroxychloroquine saved their lives.

    (The computer changed my spelling to the last “o” from “a”. If that’s all I misspelled, I’m happy with it. :))

  8. Rita Broden

    Her’s my take on COVID-19:

    We, as Christians, are witnessing prophecies being fulfilled left and right! Plain and simple! The weather has become odd/different; the pestilence (plague); the unbelievable numbers of locusts in Africa, which will no doubt cause famine. So many more things I could list!! We are living in the end times! All of these things were foretold to us! ALL of them!! We can’t stop it! It’s all playing out as God’s Word says it will! We just need to make sure that we stand through it all.

  9. Excellent comment. It’s a bit embarrassing to see some of our older Christian brothers with a mouthpiece completely ignorant to Satan’s devices and more specifically to Bill Gates long history of eugenics, depopulation and aggressive atheism. Satan is not sitting idly by as the gospel spreads. He is like a roaring lion and he has his people everywhere working feverishly to usher in the anti Christ. I encourage everyone to be aware, and not to blindly trust the temporal authorities. Trust one thing and one thing only: your King James Bible. If there was ever a brilliant conspiracy, it was the one to change our bibles. It is still going on today. Wake up o sleeper.

  10. Curious, Too aka Also Curious


    Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.
    Galatians 5:1

  11. Sandra Smith

    There was no quarantine, except of those sick in1918-’19. I used to have a friend, now deceased, who had been a pharmacist’s mate (Navy corpsman) during WWI, who remembered that flu and surrounding events. He told me much about it, including symptoms different than “regular” flu, and conditions relating to it It was handled far differently overall, more like other flu. Never in human history that I ever heard about, did LIFE effectively shut down over a plague/pandemic until this, which still does NOT have the global numbers to properly label a pandemic, nor the mortality rate to come close to warranting this shutdown, never mind unleashing imprisoned criminals on communities!
    Panic is contagious and media is panic- mongering daily, all day long! To me, THAT is far more scary than the virus, for all I am a “prime target”, a senior with co-morbidities.

  12. Sandra Smith

    To be honest,I don’t believe that vaccine has been used in decades, or at least not widely.
    That said, what we’re seeing going on with those engineered virus (Bill Gates owns the patent on it, and Fauci is his “prophet” also holding fiscal connections to the virus) fits with Biblical prophecy, AND with the published leftist agenda (UN Agendas 21, 2030, and other documents from the Club of Rome, aka “Bilderbergers”), which are clearly Satan’s version of what’s to come. This is the NWO/1 World Gov’t formatting before our eyes.

  13. kat

    CK , I agree with you on this. My thoughts are the same. As believers, we can see these are the beginnings of sorrows , before the rapture takes place, which is very iminent. Maranatha !

  14. Curious, Too

    Plus, the Constitution specifically states that Congress (extrapolate to include “the government”) may make NO, repeat – NO law abridging the right of the people to peaceably assemble.

    No citizen in government office has governmental authority to tell us to stay home.

    I would add to your observation that we also allow ourselves to be governed by citizens who neglect to uphold the basics of our Constitution.

    As a student learning about the holocaust, I have always wondered HOW? How did ordinary citizens change so drastically as to viciously brutalize and murder their neighbors, relatives, and friends merely because they were told to do so.

    Now I am seeing the HOW. Deception is a terrible weapon — one which our adversary adroitly employs.

    Thankfully, Jesus has already defeated our adversary. What have we to fear?

    Jesus gives us life eternal. We live in Him Whom is victorious forever.

    The Lord’s saints have ever been privileged to be a thorn in the flesh of worldlings for obeying God rather than governments.

    May many be attracted by our freedom in Christ and be gathered in by Jesus who sets us truly free.

  15. Also Curious

    Christ is risen.

    Christ is risen, indeed!

    Thank you, M.T. and LTR.


    The restructuring of life as we know it is not about the virus.


    Even 80,000 deaths in the US is an average of about 1600 deaths per state. Wyoming, with the smallest U.S. population, has approximately 600,000 – the 2010 census put the count at 563,000 – would still show a very small percentage of deaths compared to the overall population.

    Of course, some areas have more deaths than others.

    Still . . .

    we close down our entire country, destroy the livelihoods of millions of productive citizens, derail the education of millions of students, etc. — for 1600 deaths (more or less) per state? !

    The socialist maxim about never wasting a good crisis . . . to gain power and control over free citizens . . . is clearly in play here.

    Economy booming? People happy to be prospering? America re-emerging from dark days of tyrannical overlords?

    No crisis on the horizon?

    No problem.

    Engineered crisis works just as well,

    God is so good to us to warn us beforehand about what to expect from the world. We are blessed beyond measure to know Jesus Who is rock-solid, unchanging Truth, Who is the Way through worldly deception and absurdity, and Who is LIFE which surpasses even death.

    To not fear death in the midst of fearful, life-threatening times is an incredibly blessing. We are so thankful.

  16. CK

    Patrick Wood is a great source of information. Also thought this comment by Dr Fauci in the New England Journal of Medicine from March 26th 2020 was interesting. He states.

    “On the basis of a case definition requiring a diagnosis of pneumonia, the currently reported case fatality rate is approximately 2%.4 In another article in the Journal, Guan et al.5 report mortality of 1.4% among 1099 patients with laboratory-confirmed Covid-19; these patients had a wide spectrum of disease severity. If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.”

    Seems Dr Fauci has one message for the public and other thoughts behind the scenes with his colleagues.

    As mentioned in the article, why the mass shutdown and elimination of peoples jobs all of the sudden?

  17. Bobbi

    Yes Coronavirus is real. However, when has the entire world shut down over a virus? People are being controlled by fear now as they will be controlled by fear when they willingly receive the Mark of the Beast. It is surprising how willing Americans are to throw away our civil liberties. The government says stay home. We stay home. The government says don’t go to church. We don’t go to church. The government says don’t assemble. We don’t assemble. What else are they going to ask of us that we will willingly do without question? It’s a mindset that is willing to be controlled by a global government and willingly receive the Mark of the Beast.

  18. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am sure Satan is delighted with the death and chaos going on around the world right now. If the Anti-christ is waiting in the wings to appear, the scene is being set. Societies cannot continue to function under these shut-down conditions. I am glad that President Trump is looking forward to the normalization of America, where churches will be open and people can go back to their jobs, schools can re-open, etc. The success of those two drugs is not anecdotal, as some liberals and experts say but have been proven for many yrs., with minimal or no side effects. People who are being treated for malaria or lupus are not getting the Corona virus because they are using these drugs. Some countries are having their doctors and nurses take these drugs to protect them from the C. virus (is this called prophylactic?). Let us pray that our nation repents, humbles itself and returns to the Lord and God of creation and His Word, Jesus Christ.

  19. robin

    Nice to encounter another reader of Patrick Wood here. I actually sent that very article to a family member last week. There are a handful of other excellent resources which ought to be considered alongside the shrill voice of greater mainstream media questioning not only fatality reports worldwide, but also the disturbing happenings on the economic front. I’ve also wondered what Berit Kjos has to say about this world-changing, life altering switch that has been conveniently flipped to usher in Agenda 2021. Gotta hand it to the technocrats: it’s a stroke of brilliant (evil) genius getting the whole world to welcome and embrace the coming servitude.

  20. GJ


    With the current… there’s no immunity, it’s highly contagious… I don’t doubt this. It’s a real threat. So was Hitler. Those engaged, had no absolute assurance about stopping this evil mad man. They didn’t hunker down to stay safe in their homes. The able-bodied left safety and security to fight for their freedom, and that of others. Did people lose their lives? Yes… 75 to 85 million lives were lost.

    My paternal granddad came from Greece as a teenager around 1917. The Spanish flu hit in 1918. I can’t image… a young immigrant struggling to get traction to develop a life would’ve been “locked down”. I probably would not be writing this if he did. Maybe that’s why…

    To maintain morale, World War I censors minimized early reports of illness and mortality in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States (Wikipedi).

    Then, they wanted to maintain, if not boost, morale. Today, they want to incite unbridled fear, the fear of man, not the fear of God.

  21. John J

    CW, as I’m from a place where there are various malaria areas, I can confirm your facts about the drug. Malaria medication can be taken for up to one year (as prescribed by a physician) without there being any side-effects, and it’s been used here since time out of mind.

    Hydroxychloroquine is not some snake oil homeopathic ‘remedy,’ — it’s the real thing. But as you’ve said, Trump can’t say anything without being opposed automatically. I hope his enemies, through their indoctrinated hatred, do not contribute to more fatalities.

  22. Barbara

    There is an interesting article by Patrick Wood at technocracy.news titled “The common roots of climate change and COVID 19 hysteria. Put enough fear in people and you can control them. The real agenda is control .COVID 19 is the distraction. This has been planned for awhile . As a veteran medical professional (retired), I never bought the “bat” story. That virus clearly came from a laboratory. The global elites, including Bill Gates, needed another card to play in advancing the one-world system. A pandemic and economic collapse fits the scenario they want.

  23. John J

    Coronavirus is new; medical science can’t find a cure; they can’t predict what it’s going to do next. Of course, they must worry and act NOW as never before, otherwise, they should resign and play Gamestation games. The flu numbers cannot be compared with corona, as we do not know corona. It’s not apples with apples. It’s corona against the unknown, and that’s the scary part for everyone who is concerned and involved. If the medical world knew that this were similar to flu (which it isn’t), the urgency would not be present or severe.
    There are opportunists everywhere; everyone (Christians, atheists, euthanizers, evildoers, etc.) will take their share of the corona cake (it’s happening already).
    “Conspiracy waters” are not where born-agains belong. We should not even look for hidden agendas right now. Right now, the unknown danger is here and we have to deal with it.
    Many (like LTRP) have echoed my recent pleas: This is a perfect time (like every day) to tell a lost world about the only salvation found in Jesus Christ, as promised by Him and our Father.
    My daughter is a microbiologist/geneticist in the medical field. “Dad, we’ve never seen anything like this. It’s unpredictable.”
    Let’s focus on two things: be a lamp in the dark world and keeping our focus on things heavenly, and let’s do our human duty by obeying the rules and helping where we can. Corona will pass, but let’s not be caught off-guard because we’ve been told second-hand that it’s nothing to worry about.
    BTW, this coronavirus will not bring people closer together; that is as clear as mud on a white shirt.

  24. CW

    I should have added, I agree with Elizabeth Bennett’s post about the medications that are being used now to combat the Covid-19 virus. I believe the only reason there is any resistance to them from “others” is that they are automatically opposed to anything President Trump says and does and recommends, period.

    These unnamed others are saying that hydroxychloroquine is a “new, unproven” drug, but that’s not true. It’s been used for more than 50/60 years to combat malaria and autoimmune diseases.

  25. CW

    I totally agree with the gist of what you said, just wanted to point out that there is a flu vaccine, and also at least one medication for flu (Tamilflu). For all I know, there may be others now.

    Again, ITA with all the references to God’s Word in your message. God bless you! 🙂

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