1. Brent King

    This has been going on for a long time. A few years ago he endorsed Edwin McManus The Barbarian Way I believe it was. Is it a case of a Pastor thinking too highly of himself? I knew there was a problem when he changed the music theme to Turning Point to a rock song.

  2. Ed Roffe

    I believe that Dr. Jeremiah is a true believer. He certainly is a gifted teacher of God’s word. However, after reading this Letter to the Editor and the section from this web site on Roma Downey I am very disappointed to learn that he has given time in his ministry to one who is so new age. What could he possibly be thinking? Or perhaps he wasn’t!

  3. Shairon Allen-Dickey

    I am just now hearing about this and am so very disappointed that Dr. Jeremiah could endorse someone that is so very New Age.

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