1. Kathryn

    Ang, why not go ask your pastor the reason he used the Message? Maybe a chance to enlighten him.

    Vanessa, please consider trashing unwholesome things, and not passing them along for someone else to stumble over.


  2. Joe

    I have been in the same situation here in the United Kingdom. Unable to bear hearing The Message read over me in church, I looked around for a tract that could be given to church leaders, highlighting the problems with this unwholesome translation of the Bible.

    There didn’t seem to be anything easy to get in my country. So in the end, I made my own! A 16-page booklet which I’ve also made available for anyone in the world to order from Ebay at:

    Warren Smith gets a mention in my booklet and a link to his research into The Message is among several signposts given at the end.

  3. Lynne

    Thank you for this article. The Message Bible is coming into many churches today. I have seen it quoted by pastors and also Bible study teachers. Also Eugene Peterson’s books being studied. It is a total lack of discernment. It should be expected in the last days in which we are living. It is so sad to see this. I pray eyes will be opened.

  4. Vanessa Walters

    ive tried the Message, in 2 different formats. Gave both away..the text language is often coarse, common in places and it upset me, to see how he interprets scriptures that Im familiar with. I wont try another one.

  5. Ang

    While my Pastor teaches very Christ-centered messages, I was very shocked and saddened when I heard him use a scripture from the Message. Previously he was so adamant on his stand against the Message. What made him change his stance, to this day I can’t fathom!

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