1. Marq Walker

    I started reading Jesus Calling about 6 years ago and stopped after having the thought: “why am I reading someone else’s words here? This doesn’t sound like Jesus.” It was as if the Holy Spirit laid on my hear that we have Jesus’s own words in scripture. Jesus didn’t speak to his beloved disciples in the way that Sarah Young’s Jesus speaks to the reader. I began to question what was going on and found Warren Smith’s detailed analysis. If you do nothing else, read Jesus’s words in the Holy Bible.

  2. Christa

    What do you know about
    The send
    The big youth gatherings in different parts of the world

    And what would be the two book about
    Jesus calling
    It is getting more and more deceiving

    I need some help talking to the young people

    I am a widow but get a chance to love on lots of young people…
    Thanks Christa

  3. EB

    “You” is by far the most frequent word in Jesus Calling and its sequels!
    “You” (referring to the reader) occurs more than 2700 times in Jesus Calling, averaging over 7 occurrences per devotion. It occurs more than 3700 times in Jesus Always, averaging over 10 occurrences per devotion.
    I wonder if readers realize how self-focused these books are.

  4. CW

    Dave, a friend sent me the book Jesus Calling a few years ago as a gift. She was really enjoying it herself and wanted to bless me. I know she was sincere and meant well, but she was sincerely deceived. That became very clear to me as I read the book.

    Sarah’s Jesus is not the Christ Jesus who is revealed to us in the Holy Bible. Her Jesus only speaks “good” things, “uplifting” things, comfortable things. He never speaks words of correction, words of rebuke, words of conviction. He loves, but without truth.

    The true Christ Jesus did and does both (by the power of His Holy Spirit in believers’ lives now). He speaks the truth in love, as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove. His Love, Truth, and Power are inseparable, and will change our lives according to His will as we surrender to Him. Because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I threw the book away.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    How can anyone read or believe in a book whose author is pretending to be Jesus?!! just because you have the Bible open when you read one page of Jesus Calling does not mean you will read the Bible afterwards. It is very sad to see women being led astray by Sarah Young and Beth Moore. Ladies, wake up!

  6. Margot Hileman

    Yes I agree. Read the word of God first. And be filled with His Spirit.
    When you have His Spirit , and listen to Him, you will be able to discern new age/false teachings and mediums dreamy alluring words, teachings and books.
    Anything that lures you away from God’s truth is crafted by satin and demons to kill steal and destroy.

  7. John J

    “Sometimes, Satan comes as man/woman of peace.” My friend Bob Dylan wrote that. He got that right.

    Sorry, Dave, but “Jesus Calling” is one of two things only: fiction from an unbiblical mind or the channeling of demons. There is no third option.

    Take Lighthouse up on their offer.

  8. Dave, we beseech you to do some deeper research on Jesus Calling. If you would allow us, we’d be happy to send you, for free, two booklets we publish that document some extremely serious problems with Jesus Calling.

  9. Dave

    Brothers and sisters in Christ, there is absolutely nothing wrong with ‘Jesus Calling’. The author, Sarah Young, states, “The devotions . . . are meant to be read slowly, preferably in a quiet place with your Bible open.” Bringing people to the Bible is NOT Satan’s handiwork. In my opinion, her work is divinely inspired. Just as a minister or a preacher or a priest brings people to Christ, so does Sarah through her work.

  10. John J

    Susan, indeed; and to think Spurgeon, the so-called “prince of preachers” was confused and a pusher of a false gospel (calvinism).

    If one is not born-again, not filled with God’s Holy Spirit who testifies about Him and leads us to the truth, every red light in the universe should be flashing perpetually.

  11. Susan

    We need to read the Word of God first and foremost so that we can have discernment and recognize when we are getting into non Biblical reading and authors. Without decernment we can be pulled into anything and believe it to be true. discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong, it is knowing the difference between right and almost right. Charles Spurgeon

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