1. Brian Hennessy

    The church was derailed at the Fourth Century church. councils of Nicea and Constantinople. The church fathers were corrupted by Greek philosophy and the faith of the fathers Abraham, Issac and Jacob was replaced by a gentile religion (Roman Catholicism/ Christianity) with a different God, a different Jesus and a different gospel – one of works .
    God, our Father, had been trying to deliver us from this paganism ever since. The Reformation isn’t finished until we return to the one true God and the true Jesus.
    “For there is one God, the Father, and one mediator between God and men, the man Messiah Jesus.”
    1Timothy 2:5

  2. Jeannette

    The leaders of the church fellowship I have been attending seem to have a high regard for Francis Chan. I knew little about him but on reading this article decided to get his book for the purpose of discernment.

    It seems the “Unity” he is trying to work towards is more like the rebellious unity of those who built the Tower of Babel!

    However, I believe that Chan has been “Got at” spiritually and is being manipulated by other very evil men for their own ends. That doesn’t excuse his joining with them, but does perhaps suggest there is still hope for him and that he may be as much a victim as a deliberate deceiver.

    However, he seems expert at pretence. Such as this almost-but-not-quite barefaced lie. The impression is , without actually saying it, that he doesn’t know what the “New Apostolic Reformation” is:
    ‘”…I’ve been called… “hypercharismatic,” “Bible-thumping,” and “judgmental.” Some say I’m part of the New Apostolic Reformation (whatever that is); others say that I’m Catholic…” ‘

    Yet some of his closest friends (such as Mike Bickle) are prominent in the NAR deception whether they use that term about themselves or not.

  3. Fran Marie

    I wonder if any of these men read Jesus’ own words of Him coming to divide families and friends…….Luke 12:51-53. Jesus is a Divider. Satan is a ‘uniter’.

  4. Craig Mark

    I don’t support any of these people however we are told to love one another, that people will know we belong to Jesus, are His disciples, by our love. I do agree we speak the truth in love. Discernment is needed today.

  5. Lindsay Kent

    This is deeply needed right now. I watched an episode of The Remnant Radio, where they interviewed Chan. The entire interview felt off and felt like an advertisement for a false unity and a tool of deception. (Whether the hosts were trying to expose his wrong beliefs or not.) Reading the comments breaks my heart. Many young Christians are mistaking what he’s saying for the unity of the spirit, not understanding it is a false unity.

    Thank you for writing this and being solid and grounded in this time.


  6. charley

    apostate, the spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and docrtines of demons. 1st tim 4-1.,these are all apostates have departed from the true gospel of jesus christ, there intellect is very deceptive.

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